ISIS – CIA and the Muslim-Non-Muslim concerns

By: Shenali D Waduge

The general public had never heard of Al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden until 9/11. Thereafter, both names are honorably mentioned by every Western Government and blamed for every terrorist activity and has enabled a string of laws and regulations that keep all citizens under radar and surveillance – the excuse given is everything is being done in our best interest and of course national security. However, this has not stopped scores of other terror groups to emerge and their names quickly entered to the hall of shame terror lists of countries. The latest is another new comer ISIS and it is certainly not the ancient Egyptian goddess. If ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda was a creation of the US according to Hillary Clinton, then there has to be far more to the objectives of the ISIS than we are made known. While loosely understanding the CIA connections to the Islamic radical groups it baffles us as to why there are a steady flow of Muslims ever ready to be part of these indoctrinated groups that end up killing fellow Muslims and why Muslims themselves without desiring to live in cosmopolitan societies within a global village wish to be part of the Islamic expanded Sharia law meant only for Muslims? The two ends do not tie up and is part reason for why empathy towards the Muslims are lacking. While the world does empathize with the Muslims who are victims to global geopolitics the world is not too happy about the Islamic motive of creating Islamic states which has contributed to the changes in behavior and dress of Muslims in non-Muslim majority countries.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden claims that ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a CIA asset. He also claims that the National Security Agency along with UK and Israel created the ISIS. This piece of news connects well with the claim by the founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and former Al Qaeda commander (Nabil Naeem) that all current Al Qaeda affiliates including ISIS work for the CIA in a globally created initiative called ‘hornets nest’ that draws Islamic radicals to fight in the name of Islam. That explains how ISIS is not only well armed but well trained and able to expand throughout Iraq and Syria. The modus operandi of hornet’s nest is to create a perception that Israel is under threat by Islamic extremists (who are of course trained by them) The irony is that there are plenty of Muslims ready to sign up and be guinea pigs in an exercise that always end up in Muslims killing Muslims and taking these killings beyond borders. For every border passed with Muslim extremist assistance it is a territory gained for the West for the extremists are kept busy by orders to kill anyone or anything in their way while the real blue collared terrorists loot nations and take over strategic assets. This does provide a good explanation why ISIS has been able to control the oil rich area of Mosul in Iraq without firing a single shot! Who ordered Iraqi soldiers to give up and lay down arms without a fight! People who are included into West’s shamelist of terrorists are often found having key contacts with Washington. General Ibrahim al-Douri, the mastermind of the recent ISIS military success in Iraq, on the watch list of America since 2003 and former Baath Party head and Saddam Hussein successor is just one good example we can offer of America’s hypocrisy.

The Muslim mercenaries travelling after training and arms support by the West to every nook and corner that the West and its corporate power blocs wish them to should make countries uneasy about becoming eventual victims themselves. Jordon has shown signs of panic wondering if ISIS would turn upon them. The possibilities cannot be ruled out. The Georgian rebels transported to Syria was done with the help of an NGO called Javari and facilitated by Georgia’s counter intelligence department with the approval of the US embassy. We are well aware that all these rebel movements are part of a bigger objective to create a Kurdish state from Iraq.

If ISIS is CIA linked why would US/Israel desire an Islamic Caliphate? Interestingly every area that the ISIS is declaring as Islamic happens to be where oil fields or strategic assets prevail. Also interesting is how every enemy of the US and West is also the enemy of ISIS. We need to recall how on Ramazan day scores of Shiites were brutally murdered by the ISIS and not a single Muslim organization arose in protest even those in secular nations. At this point, the Muslims are to blame. Muslims have no other alternative than to save Islam’s reputation and cultural heritage. Muslims must act to protect their interests from the harm of those who claim to speak in the name of their religion and those who seek to monopolize it. But they do not do so and complain when non-Muslims bring up issues with the justified fear that the jihadi elements in partnership with the West will descend on their nations. These have nothing to do with Islam as a faith or Muslims as a minority. When non-Muslims are making their fears known it is primarily because they do not wish to have radical/political Islam in partnership with the West take over their nations. Muslims should not be naïve and childish not to understand this very important aspect.

No non-Muslim nation would desire to have ISIS followers calling for the heads of their captives citing Allah. This video exemplifies how extracts from Islam’s history is taken to justify ISIS action and when one reads through the attached link one will find how the obligation to Allah was fulfilled in one and a half days of carnage. The recent killings of Christians and Shiites goes to show what dangerous terrain we are on.

It must also show the Christians that the very countries that are West and we presume to be pro-Christian are actually handing arms to Islamic groups and watching them murder Christians and forcing the remaining Christians out of areas that they were living in historically. Is this with a greater plan we have to wonder. The makers of Al Qaeda (US Pentagon) eventually uses the threats Al Qaeda pose as a means to place US and Western presence across nations claiming security and then bringing laws that place citizens under undue surveillance and giving them the rights to arrest citizens even on hunches. A good look at the US Patriot Act and the National Security Act would reveal how far Americans have fallen for the lies weaved to them by their own Government. ISIS has been good reason for the US to decide to continue troop presence in Iraq when the US Government promised to return their soldiers home.

The entire debate leaving aside a historic confrontation between Islam and Christianity wherein some believe an enactment of what is prophesied to happen is been prepared and leads to the clash of civilization theory, needs to also take into account some realities. Invariably innocent Muslims and Christians will become bait for this Biblical clash. Dharmic religions wish to have no part/role to play in this exercise of unnecessary and unwanted death therefore it is now opportune a time for the Dharmic faiths to protect their own territory and keep their people safe.

Fact 1 is that all of the radical Islamic groups that have emerged ever since the US decided to fund the mujahideen against the Russians have been all financially backed, trained and supported by US and Western interest groups.

Fact 2 is that given our acceptance of Fact 1 it lays to rest and questions how Muslims can line up to be part of a geopolitical campaign that eventually uses ‘ISLAM” and parts of its religious texts to declare wars on non-believers? There has been no shortage of people to join any of the Islamic groups operating across the world (whose leaders are well connected to the CIA/Pentagon and other foreign intelligence) Whether they are brainwashed or indoctrinated it is irrelevant because there are enough of Muslims ever ready to join their ranks. Any time the West wants to create mischief all they need to do is to form an Islamic group, use texts of the Koran and then a steady flow of Muslims are ready to join and now social media is being used effectively by them too.

Fact 3 is that there are hardly any Muslims organizations at the forefront in any country in particular the secular countries where democracy allows them the freedom to make their voices heard who come out and say they are against Al Qaeda, its associated groups or ISIS. They may be quick to respond by claiming they do not support it but they do not come out and demand that they stop their crimes whether it is upon fellow Muslims or non-Muslims. However, they are ever ready to come out and claim ‘victim’ status against non-Muslims. What needs to be categorically said is that though it is illegal for a Muslim to kill another Muslim all of todays conflicts are between Muslims and against Muslims by Muslims (it is a totally different matter whether they are armed, supported and trained by the West). It is because Muslims are ready to take on their own that the West has mastered the art of how to draw them into proxy wars for their benefit.

Non-Muslim majority countries and Governments do not seem to realize that in permitting even aspects of Sharia to prevail such Governments are agreeing to divide people as Muslims and non-Muslims. Governments talking about equality befor the law cannot and should not agree to such a division and that is why there is such opposition to Sharia in non-Muslim majority nations where the law of the land and the culture of the country has to be according to the heritage of the country. What eventually happens is in agreeing to Sharia the will of the Muslims (who are a minority) dominate the rights of all others.

More importantly the leaders of secular nations need to realize that there are agents of ISIS/Al Qaeda lobbies under various bogus names and camouflaged by secular objectives but their modus operandi is quite different and when young women from Western Christendom have been mesmerized by the ideology (which cannot be Islam) and cross borders to fight for the ISIS, we need to worry and we have every right to worry. ISIS has not promised or delivered anything for non-Muslims to be happy about!

It is better to start worrying and taking counter-measures than to watch the enemy arrive at one’s doorstep and take us by surprise.

This is what non-Muslim citizens are pleading of the political leaders who appear to be very comfortable enjoying the perks and privileges that silence them not realizing that the enemy is closing in on not only them but the entire nation as well. The countries that today face Islamic extremism never expected their countries to face such an impasse. They were unprepared. Today they are battling to keep the identity of their country alive. Therefore those that claim that non-Muslims are getting unnecessarily worried need to first reason out on what grounds they can say so when mushrooming Islamic groups are springing up calling for not only jihads but an Islamic Caliphate that now includes Asia as well. This is also well in line with America’s ‘Look East’ policy therefore the people are intelligent enough to realize that the emergence of radical Islam is nothing but political Islam via Pentagon and the calls by US missions to non-Muslims to be tolerant of Islam and Muslim minorities is just a hoax and a cover up.

These are realities that the Muslims and in particular those who call themselves moderate needs to realize that non-Muslims have every right to fear and many reasons to fear. It is no one figment of imagination or made up stories that are making non-Muslims fear. There are events happening and behaviors in Muslims that non-Muslims are connecting with the radical Islam springing into shape. These are not innocent changes but have a very well programmed modus operandi though Muslims themselves may not be aware of it. However, when these things are brought to light for debate it is wrong of Muslims to pretend to be victims without sharing the concerns themselves.

On the one hand there is Islam itself that clearly demarcates Muslims from non-Muslims and establishes ground rules for how non-Muslims should behave and how Muslims should treat non-Muslims. These do not get enforced in non-Muslim majority nations but the call to attempt to make these nations into majority Muslim nations through various means is part and parcel of Islamic expansionism. Every demand and right made by Muslims is always connected to Sharia demands and Sharia law extended is an entire social system encompassing criminal and civil code. Non-Muslims question why a parallel law should be allowed to prevail if Muslims who live in secular nations wish to live in peaceful coexistence.

Next is the fact that Islamic groups are working hand in glove with the West and that clearly establishes far more dangers than we can fathom. Yet, Muslim organizations have not come out to appeal to Muslims not to join, Muslims have not come out to oppose these groups or made sure that their children are not sent to mosques, madrassas or muftis who are agents to recruit youth for these extremist groups and this silence has compelled non-Muslims to come out and make their concerns public especially when secular politicians are bribed into silence not realizing that their selfish silence will again compromise the lives of our soldiers. We do not wish to have another blood bath wherein our soldiers are compromised for no reason and because politicians have been lazy to take action.

These are serious matters for both non-Muslims and Muslims to ponder over.

8 Stories of Civilians Killed by Nobel Peace Prize’s Drones in Yemen

A drone was hovering overhead all morning. There were one or two of them. One of the missiles hit the car. The car was totally burned. Four other cars were also struck. When we stopped, we heard the drone fire. Blood was everywhere, and the people killed and injured were scattered everywhere,” said Abdullah Muhammad al-Taysi in an interview with Democracy Now.

What al-Taysi describes here is not a gruesome scene from a war zone — it is a wedding that took place in the Yemeni city of Rad’a, a happy celebration that turned bloody, thanks to a strike carried out by a drone operated by the U.S. military. The attack resulted in 12 deaths, including al-Taysi’s son, Ali Abdullah Muhammad al-Taysi.

He wasn’t the first loved one to be killed by a drone strike, and he won’t be the last. We don’t know the exact number of civilians killed by missiles fired by drones, but up to 132 civilians may have been killed between 2002 and 2014.

“It is a lot like playing a video game. But playing the video game for four years on the same level,” said one former operator of Predator drones.

Former drone operator Heather Linebaugh described in the Guardian how hard it was to distinguish between civilians and an intended target on the videos provided by drones: “We always wonder if we killed the right people, if we endangered the wrong people, if we destroyed an innocent civilian’s life all because of a bad image or angle.”

That lack of humanity is part of the problem: Drone operators tucked away somewhere in Nevada or New Mexico are shielded from the casualties of their work, the human beings killed, the damage and destruction caused when a hellfire missile explodes into a car packed full of people.

That’s perhaps why they’re the weapon of choice for the Obama administration: Afghanistan, Iraq and, on a lesser scale, Libya, have left Americans wary of more foreign adventures. Instead of dealing with body bags returning home, drones offer a different way of attacking the enemy without ever having to put U.S. soldiers into harm’s way.

The argument is that the civilians are collateral damage, and it’s horrible that they had to die, but that’s war. But there is no war between the U.S. and Yemen. The war is with al-Qaida, a non-state entity — and waging a war against a group leaves more room for Yemeni civilians to get caught in the crossfire.

The following stories of eight people killed by drone strikes are important to tell because they show that behind every sanitized report of drone casualty figures, there are real people with goals, loves and dreams whose lives have been extinguished.

1. The child: Abdulaziz al-Huraydan

Abdulaziz was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 10-year-old was killed in a strike in June 2013 in al-Jawf. Already in the 7th grade, he was bright for his age. The school certificate his father proudly held up showed that he had excelled in his Quran and Arabic language exams that year. He passed his English class, too.

Abdulaziz’s brother, Saleh, was the target of the strike that killed them both. He had joined AQAP (al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula), and was disowned by his father. Saleh had been away from his family for months, but on the day of the strike had decided to come and see his mother. As he passed through town in his pickup truck, Abdulaziz spotted him and asked for a ride home.

Abdulaziz’s father, Hassan, was upset at the idea that his youngest son was a justified target.

“If people say he is from al-Qaida, tell them to bring him to me,” he said. “He was a 10-year-old child. He was innocent.”

2. The father: Aref al-Shafi’i

Aref, 30, and married with seven children, was out celebrating a wedding last December when he was killed. Wedding convoys are a tradition in Yemen called a zafa, and around 11 vehicles were taking the bride and groom back to the groom’s village, Jishm. Four missiles fired from a drone hovering above the convoy killed Aref, along with 11 others.

Aref’s father, Ahmed, a 70-year-old shepherd, said Aref provided for his extended family by going into Saudi Arabia and selling goods, and then returning after a month or two. Now his family has to provide for his wife and children, the youngest of whom was 15 days old when his father was killed.

Zabanallah, Aref’s elder brother, was adamant that his brother was innocent.

“Why do they only kill the innocent? The weak? They orphaned the children.”

When Aref’s body arrived in Jishm with the other dead, the whole village erupted in mourning.

“They were wailing from one side of the valley to the other when they saw what happened to him,” Ahmed said. “If you’d have heard it, it would have haunted you.”

3. The brother: Salim Al-Taysi

Salim was in the same wedding convoy as his fellow villager Aref when the drone missiles struck.

A father of six, he lived in a small stone building that he’d recently built. The villagers were semi-nomadic and regularly moved, seeking new pastures for their livestock to graze on.

Ahmed, Salim’s brother, is now taking care of Salim’s wife and children, in addition to providing for his own wife and four children. He is worried about the future, and sees no help coming from his own government.

“The state has done nothing,” he told PolicyMic. “Nothing. There’s nothing here.”

Salim’s son, also named Ahmed, could barely speak when I met him. When asked about what had happened, the child responded bluntly:

“My dad was hit by the plane. It would be better if my dad was still here.”

4. The teen killed by his own government: Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

Abdulrahman, an American citizen, was a 16-year-old whose Facebook profile shows a moppy-haired, smiling teenager messing about with friends. His father, however, was AQAP cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Abdulrahman was killed by a U.S. drone in October 2011.

Abdulrahman was born in Denver, and the fact of the matter is that he was a child killed by his own government. According to his father, Nasser, he watched The Simpsons and listened to Snoop Dogg. The overwhelming evidence that he was no militant was not enough for former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, however, who said that Abdulrahman should’ve “had a more responsible father.”

Abdulrahman disappeared from his family home in Sana’a in September 2011 to go and look for his father, whom he had not seen for two years. He traveled to his family’s ancestral homeland, Shabwa, only to learn that his father had been killed by a drone on Sept. 30. He called his family to say he was coming home. He didn’t; two weeks after Anwar al-Awlaki’s death, Abdulrahman was killed at an open-air restaurant.

5. The anti-al-Qaida Imam: Salim Ahmed Jaber

Via: Reprieve
Salim was the very type of person that those fighting al-Qaida should hope to protect. The imam of a mosque, he was an opponent of al-Qaida, regularly preaching against them, and in the process of setting up an organization that would oppose al-Qaida ideology. He was a schoolteacher and held a master’s degree.

On Aug. 28, 2012, Salim travelled to his ancestral village of Khashamir to celebrate the wedding of his nephew.

On Aug. 24, Salim had been invited to give the Friday sermon at the village mosque. In it he challenged al-Qaida to present Islamic evidence for their actions. On Aug. 29, al-Qaida members came looking for Salim, and he agreed to debate them. Missiles were fired at Salim and the al-Qaida men, and they were all killed immediately.

Faisal Jaber, Salim’s brother-in-law, has many unanswered questions. Why was the car attacked in a populated area? Why were the vehicle’s occupants not apprehended while passing through the army checkpoints?

“Who will compensate the victims, and the orphans, and the widows?” Faisal said. “Can the Americans live night and day in fear and terror? Do they consider us human beings with rights?”

6. The policeman: Waleed Abdullah Jaber

Via: Reprieve
Waleed was Salim Jaber’s nephew, and he was killed in the same drone strike in August 2012.

Waleed was a traffic policeman in Khashamir and 27 years old when he was killed. He had one son and was known for his bravery in the village. He was the youngest in his family.

Waleed had encouraged the reticent Salim to speak to the al-Qaida members who had turned up in the village. He told his uncle that there was no point in challenging al-Qaida and then being scared when they arrived. Taking his pistol with him, he joined his uncle outside the mosque where they were both killed. A pistol is no match for missiles.

7. The deputy governor: Jabir al-Shabwani

Via: Al-Arabiya
Jabir al-Shabwani was the deputy governor of Marib governorate and an important tribal leader there.

In May 2010 he went to meet al-Qaida members in an effort to mediate with them, and to get them to hand themselves in to the Yemeni authorities.

Instead, in a botched attack, a U.S. drone killed him in a place called Wadi Abida.

Since the killing, for which Yemen’s supreme security committee quickly apologized, the Shabwani tribe have been attacking government infrastructure in revenge for Jabir’s death. Marib is home to significant oil and gas reserves, and the power station that serves most of Yemen’s highland cities.

The tribe’s demand is that the Yemeni government stop cooperating with the American drone attacks. According to Yemeni political analyst Abdul Ghani al-Iryani, that drone strike has cost the Yemeni economy more than $1 billion.

8. The schoolteacher: Ali al-Qawli

Ali al-Qawli was a 34-year-old father of three and a teacher working at an elementary school in Juhana, just outside Yemen’s capital, Sana’a.

He was a cheerful, optimistic man and had been a supporter of Yemen’s popular revolution in 2011, joining thousands of others in Sanaa’s Change Square, where he called for freedom and democracy. He wanted a better future for himself and his country, and dedicated himself to his teaching. In 13 years of teaching, he hadn’t missed a day of work.

On the morning of Jan. 23, 2013, his students waited patiently for their teacher to arrive. “Mr. Ali will not be coming in today,” the principal eventually told them.

He had been killed by a drone strike the previous evening, after unwittingly picking up apparent al-Qaida members in the car his cousin used as a part-time taxi.

DC Navy Shipyard Shooting one step closer to Gun Control

The timing of it all is telling, as the Obama regime sees its own public demise before its hideous face. Timing. It tells all.

It figures the Zionists would pick a naval facility for this false flag, since the Navy is the portion of the American military poised to strike Syria.

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Syria crisis: More signs US involvement in civil war may be greater than first anticipated as Obama looks to boost rebels

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube by the Arbeen unified press office on August 21, 2013 shows a man comforting a Syrian girl in shock as she screams in Arabic “I am alive” following an attack in which Syrian opposition claim the regime used chemical weapons in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus (AFP Photo)

As the Obama administration struggles to convince lawmakers of the case for intervention in Syria, there were signs today that American involvement in the civil war there, if it happens, might be greater in scale than was first anticipated.

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Bono love-bombs mass murderer Shimon Peres


Bono is almost equally well known as a charity worker as a singer. The latest beneficiaries of his generosity are war criminals and their wives.

On Tuesday, the U2 frontman gave up his lunch-time to keep Michelle Obama company on her trip to Dublin. Poor Michelle sees little of her husband on that day of the week: Barack spends it compiling a list of people he wants to have killed by drone strikes.

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