Facebook like google, Zuckemberg like Jobs..

NEW YORK – Facebook flies to debut on Nasdaq, with the titles in the first minutes gained 10-11%. In the first 30 seconds were trading 82 million shares. The title of the social network began trading at $ 42.05 per share, plus the $ 38 IPO. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq is having problems in providing trade execution messages on Facebook securities.

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You may share this on Facebook?

You may share this on Facebook?

As revealed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, everything posted on Facebook or Twitter can ‘become subject to review by the Ministry of National Defense, which and’ seeking ‘topics of interest’ or words that may be considered ‘bad’. In the list of the words ‘bad’ are those involving finite categories ranging from internal security, hazardous material, violence in the southern border, federal agencies, terrorism, disaster, disasters and cyber security as well as infrastructure. General Dynamic, the company has signed a contract with the Pentagon, watching this, and they can be interesting if the survey report to the military what risks there may be in post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter typed by Americans. The claim of infringement of privacy of citizens would have little legal basis of victory, said an expert on CNN, Dean Obeidallah, a former lawyer, as the Facebook or Twitter what are essentially public, and therefore not covered by special legal protection.

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