The Brave New world of Prevention and Treatment


What if you could scan your patients for stroke-susceptibility loci or implant a device in their brains to repair stroke-damaged pathways?

Those novel approaches may sound far-fetched, but such forward-thinking concepts are achievable, according to some of the best minds in the field of stroke medicine, who put forth these and other proposals at a special session at the International Stroke Conference.

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Monsanto: Profits grow from seeds

By Elliott Gue

With demand for corn, soybeans and other agricultural commodities continuing to grow and the supply of arable land in decline, farmers need to maximize their harvests. Agribusiness giant Monsanto (MON 0.00%) is one of our favorite food-related plays. Its innovative genetically-modified​ (GM) seeds are critical to producing more crops from less acreage.

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Marijuana and gay marriage legal in Washington

Gay marriage and marijuana possession for personal use is now officially legal in the state of Washington. At midnight came into force the provision that allows anyone has taken 21 years to possess for personal use up to 28 grams of marijuana, as well as yesterday, the Governor of the State bordering California has put his signature under the law allows homosexual couples to marry.

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