The Genius of Stanley Kubrick and His Hidden Codes


I just saw a documentary that obliterated my cranium. It’s the best nonfiction film I’ve seen all year: Room 237, screened at the New York Film Festival. Directed by Rodney Ascher, Room 237 is an examination of five “secret meanings” within Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 psychological horror-thriller The Shining.

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The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I)


Marilyn Monroe is possibly the most iconic figure in American culture and the most recognizable sex symbol of all times. However, behind Monroe’s photogenic smile was a fragile individual who was exploited and subjected to mind control by powerful handlers. The first part of this two-part series will look at the hidden life of Marilyn, a Hollywood Monarch slave.

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Mainstream Presstitutes & Syrian Genocide

By Gideon Polya

Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. Lying by commission, lying by omission, censorship and self-censorship by Mainstream journalist, editor, politician and academic presstitutes has enabled  the continuing, Zionist-promoted, US War on Muslims that has so far since 1990 been associated with 12 million Muslim deaths from violence or from war-imposed deprivation (Google “Muslim Holocaust Muslim Genocide”).

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Scientology Kills and More…


By: WofC

For the past 56 years the Church of Scientology has blazed a path of headlines and mystery across the globe. Once existing only as the idea held by a single man, the Church has grown into a multinational, highly organized institution in record time. There is little doubt that trends in the 60’s and 70’s of both counter-culture and new-age thought contributed to the break-neck speed of the Church’s growth, allowing its numbers to swell worldwide to figures that cannot be accurately counted, but are said to number in the millions.