Obama’s best friend at Goldman Sachs


By Mina Kimes

FORTUNE — When we learned that employees of Goldman Sachs, a group that overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama in 2008, shifted their allegiances to Mitt Romney this election, many saw it as a sign that the President had alienated the investment bank. But while Goldman’s rank and file may have turned against Obama, he still has an important ally at the firm: Goldman’s chief economist, Jan Hatzius.

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Presidential race reduced to reality show

By: Kathleen Parker

Oh, to be 12 again, the better to enjoy the presidential debates.

Or rather, the better to appreciate the Twitter-verse, where America’s obsessive-compulsive, attention-deficit population holds the zeitgeist hostage with tweets and memes that infantilize political discourse and reduce the few remaining adults to impolitic fantasy.

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Election 2012: The Illusion Of Choice, The Reality Of Fraud

Election 2012: The Illusion Of Choice, The Reality Of Fraud

Posted by Alexander Higgins

From Welfare to Warfare, the United States of America has the most deceived population in the history of humanity.

It is called the American dream because you’ve got to be asleep to believe it. Meanwhile, truth and reality are ridiculed, opposed and then accepted before they are beaten to death. The time it takes the average American to realize it’s all a dream — the big house, the corner office with glass windows, the managerial position, the six digit salary and the recognition — is the same time it takes him to wake up. The problem is, not many Americans actually wake up.

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