How the Vatican built a secret property empire using Mussolini’s millions

By: David Leigh, Jean François Tanda and Jessica Benhamou

Papacy used offshore tax havens to create £500m international portfolio, featuring real estate in UK, France and Switzerland.

Behind Pope Benedict XVI is a porfolio of property that includes commercial premises on London’s New Bond Street.

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The Real Struggle Begins: Europe Descends into Fascism

Across southern Europe resistance is taking on a new urgency. In Spain people are speaking of the start of ‘the real struggle’, while in Greece the term ‘civil war’ permeates the political climate. In both countries a frightening re-emergence of a dictatorship past seems to characterize the current historical moment as fascist ideologies become more acceptable and police tactics become more pre-emptive and militarized. These two trends emerging together, the rise of far right ideologies and pre-emptive militarized policing, indicate a shift in the discourses of legitimacy used by the state.

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Israelis (as Zionists) on the path to Nazism?


Are Israel’s Jews – some of them (Zionists) – on their way to becoming Nazis?

By Alan Hart

Some and perhaps many will regard my headline question as offensive but I make no apology for asking it; and I take comfort from the fact that my decision to pose it is fully supported by one of my very dear Jewish friends, Nazi holocaust survivor Dr Hajo Meyer.

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