Al-Qaeda To The Rescue

The end of Ramadan was imminent. The jihadi chattering classes of that fuzzy entity, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), went on overdrive. It was jailbreak galore from Libya to Pakistan via Iraq. And all this in perfect synch with two successive fatwas issued by that perennial bogeyman, former Osama bin Laden sidekick Ayman “Doctor Evil” al-Zawahiri.

Hillary Clinton & Susan Rice Honored for “Leadership & Progress” as Benghazi Hearing Confirms Lies

By Paige Bennett

For anyone who was paying attention, yesterday was an important day. No, I’m not talking about theArias trial (which certain networks covered all day without any mention of other, apparently more trivial news), or even Kim Kardashian’s latest appearance as a floral couch/sausage hybrid.

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Syrian regime accuses Israel of declaring war after further air strikes

By: Julian Borger and Joel Greenberg

Isreal’s night raid on ‘missiles destined for Hezbollah’ deepens fears of conflict spreading beyond Syrian border across region

Syria Israeli airstrike

The Syrian government said that Israeli air strikes against military targets around Damascus amounted to a “declaration of war” and threatened retaliation, in the latest sign that the fighting is spilling across the Syrian border and risks sparking a wider regional conflict.

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Iron Man 3 and The Fake Terrorism Made By A Shadow Governament

As with all Marvel films, there is always a tremendous amount of anticipation about what character or characters will be revealed as the villain and “Iron Man 3” continued the tradition. With so much source material to choose from, the filmmakers were happy to confirm, to the delight of the fans, that the highly anticipated character of The Mandarin would finally make his appearance after years of speculation.

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CIA, Mossad staged 9/11 to further the Zionist agenda

At some point in the future – it may be sooner than later – an evil regime is going to be betrayed. And when one is betrayed, others will surely follow.

Which will be the first? Israel?

Surely not! The USA’s foreign policy, its media and its political structures are completely corrupted by, and infected with, Zionism.

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