Syrian regime accuses Israel of declaring war after further air strikes

By: Julian Borger and Joel Greenberg

Isreal’s night raid on ‘missiles destined for Hezbollah’ deepens fears of conflict spreading beyond Syrian border across region

Syria Israeli airstrike

The Syrian government said that Israeli air strikes against military targets around Damascus amounted to a “declaration of war” and threatened retaliation, in the latest sign that the fighting is spilling across the Syrian border and risks sparking a wider regional conflict.

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The Secret Drones War

By: Alexander James Green

It’s a hot 22°C June day in Miranshah – a town in the tribal region of Waziristan in northwest Pakistan – and, for two young lovers, its the day of their marriage. The day is set to be one of the happiest day of their lives; close to the whole village, 80 people and counting, has turned up to witness the reunion.

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U.S. intel indicates Syria ramping up chemical weapons bases… reminds you something? Obama gave a sharp warning Monday to Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator who is fighting a rebellion by his own people.

Assad has not used his chemical weapons, including nerve gas, but the possibility that he might threatens to pull the United States into that conflict… I mean seems like history repeats itself remember something ?

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