Goldman Sachs, the puppeteer of the armageddon conspiracy

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”— Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

Goldman Sachs, founded in 1869, promotes itself as a “leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of services worldwide.” Goldman Sachs has became “the most profitable securities firm in Wall Street history.”  In 2008, the New York Federal Reserve approved a change in Goldman Sach’s legal status from that of investment bank to bank holding company, enabling it to qualify for a government bailout. The extensive network of top government officials who previously worked for Goldman Sachs, including former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, has been called “Government Sachs”

In recent years there has been much talk of the U.S. financial giant Goldman Sachs, because of his involvement with the economic crisis, since 2008, has weakened the economy of the world, especially the European one.

As the banking system in recent years is attributed to strong accountability, this is much more strong for the activity properly exercised by Goldman Sachs, which has offered its effective contribution to disguise the greek sovereign debt.

As well devised by other large banks, Goldman Sachs decided to adopt the diabolical instrument of CDS (credit default swaps). This system, which is a kind of insurance provides that the CDS seller is obliged to compensate the buyer if a given loan or a credit event, was not due to a certain point.

If the event is more negatively purchased the CDSs, usually receives the face value of the loan, while the holder of the loan outstanding becomes the seller of the CDS. The European parliament passed a measure prohibiting the use of naked credit default swaps (also known as naked), intended as a financial instrument that has the sole purpose of betting on default risk. The ban was extended to twenty-seven countries of the EU and was voted by 507 of 641 MEPs.

But there is still a residue of CDS outstanding, which in early 2012, is estimated at around 25.5 billion dollars, an important value but ridiculous if you think in March of 2006 of 882 banks surveyed amounted to 5.472 billion dollars in January and speaking in 2008 estimates the 62.5 trillion. Only Lehman Brothers at the time of his default in the CDS had a nominal range between 72 and 400 billion dollars!

The liberal use of the CDS, associated with high rate of interest on public debt and the discredit that has fallen on Greece, brought it close to default if it had not intervened in his favor, and with a dramatic rise in costs for Greece, the EU through the plan of 130 billion lire.

This is not just an assumption among many, but was recognized by the same Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve told Congress that the United States as Goldman Sachs and other financial companies on Wall Street in 2010 had set up a complicated financial system capable of make bets on the likely default of Greece, the reference is to the fact that CDS are a form of insurance against bond defaults, which has turned into a real betting system, capable of increasing financial speculation to destabilize the entire economy the country. This system has been declared “counter” in the same Bernanke. Concept expressed more clearly by U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd: “We have a situation in which major financial institutions are amplifying a public debt crisis for what would seem the exclusive benefit of private gain.”

The interference of Goldman Sachs in the economy and life in the states goes beyond speculation to direct sovereign debts of some countries. In recent years he has taken a leap forward through the relocation of key people in public institutions. As Stephen Foley wrote in an article published in The Independent November 18, 2011 “The project is to create a deep exchange of people and ideas and money for which it is impossible to understand the difference between the public interest and the interest of Goldman Sachs. ”

The criticism relates directly to the action by Goldman Sachs in Italy and Greece through the use of complex derivatives, has been reduced, apparently, the actual extent of their debts.

Mario Draghi, 1991 to 2001, he was director general of the Italian Treasury, but also vice president and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs between 2002 and 2005 and became soon after, in 2006, Governor of the Bank of Italy, is extension was under fire for adopting these tools to drug budgets of Italy. It was especially Pascal Confin young French politician and member of the European Parliament who was noted for a marked hostility towards Dragons at the time of his appointment as President of the ECB, reproaching him swap the mechanisms adopted by Italy and Greece, and especially their pastGoldman Sachs.

Other men from Goldman Sachs found themselves in key institutions; than Mario Monti, which deserves a separate discussion, we are the Greek Petros Christodoulou and Lucas Papademos.

Petros Christodoulou who was man of Goldman Sachs, where he began his career, and now magically found himself being chief dell’dipartimento greek for public debt management. In particular, the allegations relate to the creation Christodoulou, along with Goldman Sachs, the company Titlos, which was based in London and served on the transfer of debt to the NBG (National Bank of Greece).

Lucas Papademos appointed Prime Minister of Greece, Hellenic was governor of the Central Bank between 1994 and 2002, and in the exercise of his office participated in the falsification of accounts in accordance with the plan developed by Goldman Sachs, an operation for which the powerful U.S. bank was handsomely paid and at the same time enabling it to exercise the crowds and profitable financial speculation through the CDS system that has pushed Greece almost to bankruptcy.

Besides these three names, now notorious, there are other characters imported European institutions that have taken on various important ties with Goldman Sachs.

Otmar Issing, German economist, considered one of the architects of the euro, leading consultant for Goldman Sachs, between 1990 and 1998 and was a member of the Bundesbank from 1998 to 2006 of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank.

The aristocratic Portuguese economist Antonio Borges, who between 2000 and 2008 he was Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs International in London, but at the same time has had many prestigious positions, and in 2010 was appointed Director of European Department of theInternational Monetary Fund.

Goldman head offices

Peter Sutherland since 1995, is executive director of Goldman Sachs International, but both had key roles in the European institutions: it was European Commissioner for Competition, Director General of GATT (General Agreement for Trade and Traffic), Secretary General from 2006 United Nations Organization for Migration, the 2008 president of the London School of Economics, President of the Federal Trust and member of the European Policy Centre, in addition, between 2001 and 2009 was president of the British section of the Fund for Ireland.

These are some names, the most common, but the list is really long and mingling between national institutions, Europe is really impressive, so much so that it is difficult to speak of a mere coincidence.

Given all this, we understand what is behind the scene that promises to power: the banks, in particular, and particularly a bank, Goldman Sachs, but behind the Goldman Sachs who is? Who are the men that move the ranks of world power? The characters that we have encountered so far: Mario Draghi, Mario Monti, Lucas Papademos, Petros Christodoulou, Otmar Issing, etc. are not the architects of the grand design of Goldman Sachs, but the instruments of the same plan.

And ‘therefore need to take a step forward, step that should be performed with extreme caution, firstly because it is a clue that it bases its assumptions in observation of the political and historical moment, and as is known, the’Analysis through observation can greatly change depending on where the viewer decides to place the same. Second, because the theory that will be exposed, not only affects the interests of a bank, but the peculiarities of the same people who are involved in its mechanisms, these peculiarities, which more often than we would wish, by entering directly related to moral education of the individual, a group that, if it concerns the religious aspect, could too easily be confused and mistaken for anti-Semitism. Therefore, even before presenting his theory, which has received wide acceptance abroad, it should be noted again that for a small circle of people, that however large it is nevertheless small compared to the entire population, and will not affect and do not express an opinion that directly or indirectly is attributable to those who embrace the Jewish faith.

The assumption is that we must start Goldman Sachs is part of a larger project called New World Order capable of shaping the world economy and politics in order to achieve their interests. Originally the New World Order would lead mankind to a higher level and better than today, a sort of evolution of mankind.To achieve this we created an oligarchy would be able to drive this change.


However this process is blocked in some way, and at the same time diverted by the oligarchy itself, betraying its purpose has created a tightening in the ranks of power, up to structure, permanently, what is the Old World Order. To understand each other a bit ‘as happened when there was the establishment of the Soviet communist regime in all know the history and mechanisms.

So the financial crisis of the last four years, the ensuing economic crisis, the rise in living costs, from fuel to electricity, the same shift of resources and the growing level of unemployment, would have no other purpose than to weaken and crush the wider population, inextricably linking it to a program of strict dependence on banks. The second purpose dell’ingrossamento all proportion of banks and financial institutions, would be to make the big banks capable of generating huge profits for the few who would become so powerful to the point that they would be able to direct the policy itself states.

In the U.S., an example of such a capacity to influence, would be represented by the U.S. led war in Iraq. War that we all remember because of the false assumptions that they saw the U.S. military engaged in extension a region from which in theory would have nothing to expect.

Starting from the war in Iraq are trying to figure out who would gain by it, certainly not U.S. citizens, who had to pay his own pocket to finance the imposing war machine, but gained nothing not even the U.S. government, which was harshly criticized for since this action was clearly its military action where there were the American interests to defend.

On the other hand were to benefit the military-industrial companies.Conspiracy theorists argue that behind the war in Iraq there would have been even Goldman Sachs, because as a Zionist organization, was among its primary goal the defense of the State of Israel. In fact, during the years of Saddam Hussein, Israel would be under severe threat from his dictatorship.The ultimate goal was to transform Iraq into a state characterized on Western models, it would be possible to obtain oil at subsidized prices and Goldman Sachs would have been able to extend its investments to Iraq, creating a sort of rope next to the state health of Israel.

When the world was hit by the dramatic financial crisis, where apparently the big banks, Goldman Sachs in the first place, were unable to foresee the storm that was breaking down economies around the way, fueled mainly by speculation arising from the system CDS, none of the people involved: politicians, economists and investors, were dismissed from their posts. On the contrary, especially bankers, managers and investors have been stratospheric bonuses as if they had fulfilled the commitments made by the company of productivity. And as if it were a distinct and antithetical distance between the interests of the nation and the people with those banks.


However, after banks, with their disastrous policies made the swap and wild speculation, have sunk the world, the institutions have called those same bankers to key positions of the institutions: we have seen Dragons, Mountains, Papademos, Petros Christodoulou take the helm the command.

For example, Fred Goodwin, jew mother’s side, came from a modest family, where his father was an electrician and he his family had been the first to attend college has transformed the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotald), through acquisitions and very aggressive investments, from bank to bank was second in the province. In 2008, RBS has been trashed by 29 billion euros of debt, the situation was absolutely hopeless, until the bank intervened nazionalizzandola of Scotland. No one has asked Goodwin to leave her his tenure, only the Queen Elizabeth, a lone voice, spoke depriving Goodwin of his baronetcy, a defeat never happened before.

Instead, there is no one before anyone else the big bankers and managers who have created real economic disaster to have gone to jail. No one, indeed, as noted, however, have received bonus millionaires.

Only Bernard Madoff, the astute businessman of Jewish origin, 11 December 2008 was arrested by federal agents on charges of a mega scam of 50 billion dollars. It was too easy to discover the Madoff scam based on the Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme thrown out as some call it, which had implemented a chain of investment, where he obtained the first to be involved great investment, but only if you recruit new members who would pay the shares continuing to fund the system, while everything was unplugged from the productive and financial activities. Madoff was the only one to pay, but it was only the scapegoat for an entire system.

When Goldman Sachs said, was in a certain way the triumph of the American dream where it was possible for those who were endowed with intelligence and wit. Its founder was a poor immigrant of Jewish descent, Marcus Goldman in 1869 founded what would become one of the world’s most powerful banks.What could be brilliant Marcus Goldman to do everything myself without means or education? In fact, it would not be exactly what happened.

Goldman Sachs founded in 1869 by Marcus Goldman (right) and Samuel Sachs.

Goldman was part of an ancient secret society called the Treasury, which traced its origins from the Old Testament. According to conspiracy theorists, Goldman was sent to the U.S. to complete the undertaking, which would also be a good cover story that involves the American people emotionally. The Treasury would have a single objective: to obtain the wealth of the world then to be able to govern.

Goldman Sachs s’imparentò with Samuel, jew native of Bavaria, who became his son marrying the youngest daughter. Sachs was deeply attached to another businessman Philip Lehman, jew American born in 1861 whose father was co-founder of Lehman Brothers, and together they opened the way for the issuance of shares as a way for new businesses to raise funds.

The example of the relationship between Samuel and his family Goldman Sachs is useful to explain how they were and are in use in marriages between Jews and German dynasties financial elite through the bond of marriage and the practice of nepotism.

All this has brought another major union that would bring the current situation, ie, the fact that German Jews transplanted to America to reach higher levels of prestige and power and the company, have formed a partnership with the other force of country, Freemasonry is made up almost the whole of Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

The necessity of this link was most felt by the So-called New Order, composed in large part by Jewish financiers and aristocrats who began to suffer from the decline of their social prestige and therefore needed new life to continue their business. At the same time, the Masonic lodges would be seduced by the financial power and the ancient social prestige.

This strong alliance lasts up to now so that Protestants are among the strongest supporters of Israel and this current of thought has become so intense as to be the very backbone of public opinion and American politics, which too often accepted uncritically policy and the action taken by Israel. The attitude of uncompromising defense of Israeli policy has led to serious consequences on U.S. foreign policy so as to create a harsh contrast to Muslim states.

The only advantage achieved by this policy was to maintain good relations between political and financial lobbies American of Jewish origin.

If so much has long been talked about Goldman can not be neglected to mention at least the case of Rothschild, the great dynasty of German Jewish origin who in 1600 created the largest European investment bank and is considered by many as the “heart Satan of the Old World Order. ”

Originally, Masonry was intended to create a better society but this aspiration has been in decline for having been absorbed and superseded by the New Order will maintain and retain their positions.

New Order and Freemasonry have done nothing but send out their own offspring, through a very narrow use of the practice of nepotism.

In fact, Goldman Sachs has made important investments in human select their leadership in the University’s most famous among them were also recruited prominent Catholics who are perfectly integrated with the Masonic program.

These men have been deployed anywhere in the joints of the central European institutions, but also through the American system of so-called “revolving-door” where prominent people of Goldman Sachs earned chairs imported into the United States Government, for example Herny that Paulson appointed byGeorge W. Bush became the Secretary of the Treasury 74 °, but at the same time had been for twenty years a leading man at Goldman Sachs.

There was less Barack Obama, whose Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a prominent figure in the Jewish community in 1991 was a volunteer in the Israeli during the Gulf War, and in 2002 was among the greatest supporters of the War against ‘ Iraq. The father of Raham Emanuel Israel, Benjamin M. Emanuel, was a member dell’Irgum (National Military Organization) that operated in Palestine from 1931 to 1948. In a way, the Irgum can be regarded as the founder of right-wing Israeli Likud. However some people still consider Irgum as a separatist movement, such as the British authorities consider this movement outlawed, because the use the title of a terrorist organization.

In today’s economy witnessed a great flowering of new genes and large young entrepreneurs, all of which, in addition to young age, have in common the fact of being born into Jewish families, a sign that is probably not entirely true that these new pioneers of large American computer companies base their success on intuition only brilliant, but in reality they could count on a strong advocate of class.

To give some examples, the best known is Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, who comes from a Jewish family, Larry Ellison, Oracle founder is very humble origins, son of an unwed mother, was adopted by a family of originRussian Jewish, but Sergey Brin, Google founder Larry Page, was born in Russia in 1973 to Jewish parents, arrived in the United States at the age of 6 years, even Max Levchin, founder of PayPal was founded in 1975 by a Jewish family of Ukrainian origin. The same Bill Gates comes from the mother’s side from a dynasty of Jewish bankers. If the conspiracy theory were true, this would explain how these young people have so easily recovered the capital and brought their projects to the current level.

The supporters of the conspiracy theory comparing the number of Jews in the world, which are about 18 million, of which only 1, 7% live in the United States, with the number of citizens of the Netherlands which are about 16.5 million the different influence that the two peoples engaged in the world, as both are groups belonging to nations that cultural and socio-economic level may be thoroughly treated.

As explained in the beginning, the conspiracy theory and the New World Order has nothing to do with the Israeli population, or with whom a citizen of any nation, has the Jewish faith, but for a narrow circle of financiers and businessmen .

The close relationship between Masonry, banks and financiers of Jewish origin is widespread in the United States and England, but the fear of being accused of anti-Semitism is too strong because it opens a real public debate that sheds light on how and who the government really reins of power.

The conspiracy theory is extended to study the more complex and theoretical aspects of the merger of financial power jew, Freemasonry and the creation of the New World Order, where the key figure is that of the Illuminati, which originates from a Bavarian secret society of 1600, that is developed as an alternative and even in contrast to the classical masonry, assuming, however, the structure and rituals.


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  2. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

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