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As revealed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, everything posted on Facebook or Twitter can ‘become subject to review by the Ministry of National Defense, which and’ seeking ‘topics of interest’ or words that may be considered ‘bad’. In the list of the words ‘bad’ are those involving finite categories ranging from internal security, hazardous material, violence in the southern border, federal agencies, terrorism, disaster, disasters and cyber security as well as infrastructure. General Dynamic, the company has signed a contract with the Pentagon, watching this, and they can be interesting if the survey report to the military what risks there may be in post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter typed by Americans. The claim of infringement of privacy of citizens would have little legal basis of victory, said an expert on CNN, Dean Obeidallah, a former lawyer, as the Facebook or Twitter what are essentially public, and therefore not covered by special legal protection.

“The scariest of spying machine ever invented. We have the most comprehensive database in the world on people, their relationships, theirnames, addresses, geographic location, communications exchanged between them and the other, their relatives, all preserved and accessible in the United States by U.S. intelligence. They do not need a warrant or to exploit theintelligence services are sufficient legal and political pressures. Being tooexpensive to distribute the records one by one, have developed an interface forU.S. intelligence, automating the process. Everyone should understand that when you add friends on Facebook are doing a job for free agency on behalf ofU.S. intelligence, helping to build their database”. – Julian Assange -.

EFFECTS ridiculous – When one clicks on the report of the Social Network, an investigation is initiated. Words monitored, as some potentially dangerous because it can be used by terrorists as a material for exploding bombs or weapons, however, are the most insignificant, but imagine that there is some criminal so stupid to program and discuss his plans on Facebook. Other key word, however, lead to hilarious effect. “I’m going on vacation to San Diego, hope Because clouds do not want to catch some waves.” If you write this sentence contains five words supervised by the government, we risk opening the investigation, even if you just wrote that “I go on vacation in San Diego, hope that there are no clouds because I want to take a bit ‘of waves “, ie the potential danger would be a post or a tweet desire to surf. ‘This program – concludes Dean Obeidallah, a former lawyer – it looks like the one used by the Chinese government to monitor the network. Our government should not follow in the footsteps of an authoritarian regime. After the September 11 American citizens have suffered too many privations of freedom because of the fight against terrorism, and without the complaint of the Electronic Privacy Information Center would never have come to know that the government spying on us on Facebook or Twitter ‘.

In 2008, when the speculative frenzy on Wall Street led the unwary to believe that
the value of Facebook was equal to 15 billion dollars, Zuckerberg became the youngest
millionaire “who made man” in the history of Forbes magazine’s ranking, with 1,500
million dollars. Until then, the venture capital invested by the CIA seemed to have
obtained a good yield, but the “value” of Facebook in 2009 stood at his level
Real Zuckerberg disappearing from the list of Forbes.
The bubble was inflated Facebook when William Gates, Microsoft’s proprietary, in October
2007 has acquired a stake of 1.6% for the sum of $ 240 million. This has
led to believe that if 1% of Facebook cost $ 150 million, then the value of
100% would amount to 15 billion dollars, but the deception eventually deflate.
The fundamental issue is that Facebook exists thanks to an investment of capital
at risk by the CIA.
In 2009, the media have not spared in the “propaganda statement” the celebration of the cult of
Zuckerberg as a paradigm of successful young entrepreneur, but the spread of repeated
This “news” has not had the effect of ensuring that the magazine “Forbes” maintained in the
2009 version of its rank . The young prodigy was missing from the list, despite
the intense campaign of CNN and major world media that reflect the interests of
Wall Street. “Forbes” is like the Oscars of big business and inflates or deflates the value of the shares. According to a survey conducted by British journalist Tom Hodgkinson published in 2008 by The
Guardian  and commented on by some media independent of the English language, but without any effect on the mainstream press, the CIA has invested in Facebook long before it became
one of the most popular social network of the Internet.
The corporate propaganda has meant that the portal would become a synonym for social success,
popularity and good deals. Facebook is presented as a harmless social networking web site
facilitates interpersonal relationships.
Its popularity relies on the fact that its 70 million users will increase to 200 million
around the world in a couple of years, based on the best weekly performance in which
acquired up to two million new users. However, Facebook does not convince everyone.

So we now know that the Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, “feels an affinity with Judaism” and has “raised money for charities in Israel”.

In Facebook´s early history Zuckerberg was assisted by the Jew Dustin Moskovitz and got funding from Jewish businessman Peter Thiel, the latter a man with open Zionist views and in contact with the Zionist establishment. Thiel then joined the Board of Facebook and is presently – according to The Guardian – “the real face behind Facebook”.Other top namnes are co-Board member Jim Breyer and the Jewess Sheryl Sandberg, the “second-in-command of Facebook”.And one of Zuckerberg´s friends from Harvard – his roommate and Facebook´s first real user – has since moved to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces Spokespersons Unit. This also reveals the mindset of people in Zuckerberg´s proximity.

Knowing this one is not surprised thet the arch-Zionist Shimon Peres invited Zuckerberg to Israel in 2008 (stand back in amazement!!).

We here give links to more information on Facebook:

Zuckerberg´s Jewish entourage at Facebook

The New York Times, May 13, 2009, reported:

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz noted that “Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a Jewish former Harvard University student.”Mr. Schnitt [a Facebook spokesman] told ABC that while some employees of the social-networking service came from families marked by the Holocaust, that was not influencing their decision:

Many of us at Facebook have direct personal connection to the Holocaust, through parents who were forced to flee Europe or relatives who could not escape. We believe in Facebook’s mission that giving people tools to make the world more open is a better way to combat ignorance or deception than censorship, though we recognize that others, including those at the company, disagree.

So here we learn from the Facebook spokesman Mr. Schnitt that “many of us at Facebook have direct personal connection to the Holocaust”, which of course means nothing else than that they are Jewish.

So who are these Jewish actors?

Dustin Moskovitz

To begin with, in the absolute beginning, when Zuckerberg decided to spread his new Facebook project to other schools than Harvard, he enlisted help from his Jewish friend Dustin MoskovitzMoskovitz then became the Vice President of Engineering of Facebook.

Peter Thiel

“… the real face behind Facebook is the 40-year-old Silicon Valley venture capitalist and futurist philosopher Peter Thiel.”
We here recommend reading an article from the The Guardian (14 Jan, 2008) on the people behind Facebook which has more information on Thiel.The Guardian concludes that:They got their first funding from another Jew, German-born technology entrepreneur Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal.
As a typical Jewish etnocentrist Thiel prefers to deal with other Jews. His business partner with whom he who founded PayPal is the Ukrainan-born now-American Jew Max Rafael Levchin.

David Sacks

George Zachary

Other Jews Thiel is interacting with are David Sacks, PayPal’s former chief operating officer, and George Zachary“a friend of Max and Peter’s” and partner of the Jew Ed Skoll from eBay.

Below follows an excerpt from “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0”, by Sarah Lacy, (see: on Thiel´s “PayPal mafia”:

The PayPal mafia even had Hollywood success. Jeff Skoll was one of the first eBay executives who became friends with the PayPal crew when eBay bought the company in 2002. He started up Participant Productions on a lark, and it has been one of the most profitable productions companies in Hollywood. Among its first four films were Syriana, Good Night, and Good Luck, North Country, and An Inconvenient Truth. Skoll’s success convinced Max and Peter to start dabbling in Hollywood, bankrolling the 2006 indie flick Thank You for Smoking, along with David Sacks, PayPal’s former chief operating officer.While Sacks continued to play the Hollywood game, he also launched a new social networking site for families, called It allows people to fill out their family trees and link them to the family trees of spouses and in-laws. Anyone on the tree can add to the tree, the idea being that over time you discover people you’re related to that you didn’t know. It’s a bold idea, one of the first Web 2.0 start-ups aimed squarely at families. Peter Thiel, naturally, backed it early on. And in Geni’s first venture capital round with Charles River Ventures, it got nosebleed $100 million valuation. The CRV partner who wrote the check was George Zachary, Skoll’s early partner in Participant Productions and a friend of Max and Peter’s. By 2006, the PayPal mafia was an incestuous world where, for now, everyone seemed to be making lots of money.

Thiel makes up one fourth of the Board members of Facebook. Thus apart from providing the money, he really has a lot of influence – just as The Guardian had noted.

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