All of which are American dreams!

Compromise: a settlement of differences by mutual Concessions; Reached an agreement by adjustment of Conflicting or opposing claims, Principles, etc.., By reciprocal modification of Demands.

“As President, I will close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act and adhere to the Geneva Conventions. Our Constitution and our Uniform Code of Military Justice Provided for the framework for dealing with terrorists.” -Barack Hussein Obama.

Conformity: Action or behavior in correspondence with socially accepted standards, conventions, rules, or Laws; People Often conform from a desire for security Within A group-Typically a group of a similar age, culture, religion, or educational status.

This Is Often Referred to as groupthink: a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics, which effectively ignores realistic appraisal of other courses of action. Unwillingness to conform Carries the risk of social rejection. Conformity is Often Associated with adolescence and youth culture, but strongly Affects humans of all ages.
Assimilation: is a socio-political response to demographic Supports multi-ethnicity or That Promotes the assimilation of ethnic minorities into the dominant culture. The term assimilation is used Often When referring to immigrants and ethnic groups settling in at Various new land. New customs and attitudes are Acquired through contact and communication.Each group of immigrants of Its Own Contributes some cultural traits to the new society. Assimilation Usually Involves a gradual change takes place and in varying degrees; full assimilation Occurs When new members of society to Become indistinguishable from older members.

 Submission: The act of Submitting, the act of yielding to power or authority; surrender of the person and power to the government or control of another; obedience; compliance.

 Ignorance: “If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger? ”
Thomas H. Huxley

Hypocrisy: the state of pretending to have Virtues, moral or religious beliefs, Principles, etc.., That does not actually have one. Involves the hypocrisy and deception of others is a kind of lie Thus.

Brutality: Towards the end of 1900, the Americans Declared martial law.To combat guerrilla warfare, They Launched in scorched-earth “pacification” campaign. Every Filipino, Whom the Americans Called “nigger”, was viewed as an enemy regardless of Whether he or she Tookup arms. Entire towns held Were Responsible for the actions of guerrillas.Mere objection to the Americans was termed treason.Villagessympathetic Were people burned to the guerrilla and killedindiscriminately. Torture was systematically used to elicit information fromor Their symphatizers Suspected guerrillas. One form of torture was the “water cure” treatment where the victim was forced to drink water after excessiveamounts of Which he was stomped on the stomach.Theseatrocities Were Widely known since the U.S. War Department ablanket Imposed censorship, but American soldiers wrote to their Families in the U.S. and related andrelatives Their Activities. Some Of These lettersWere Eventually published in American local newspapers, Thushighlighting the brutality of these “pacification” campaigns.Part of the strategy was the introduction of “reconcentration,” a policy ofhauling an Entire population into concentration camps to flush out theguerrillas among Them and Their material to cut support to the resistancemovement. In the process of reconcentration, whole towns suffered fromstarvation and disease. Villagers Were taken from sources of livelihoodand Their Were not decently fed. Worse, Were less than adequate living conditions, with people confined in overcrowded camps without propersanitation. Camps Became then breeding grounds for the spread ofdeadly Such diseases as cholera.

The Elite: A group or class of persons or a member of Such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status.

All of which are American dreams!


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