Lady Gaga promotes Satan, the police denied permission to Indonesia

BANGKOK – After pressure and threats from radical Islamic groups in the country, the Indonesian police today denied permission to hold a much anticipated concert of the American popstar in Jakarta, scheduled for June 3, but at this point will likely be canceled by the organizers. The newspaper reports the “Jakarta Globe”.

Thanks to the Indonesian Authority to stop this crap!

The singer, engaged in an Asian tour that has been accepted almost everywhere with a full house, has been targeted by extremists of the “Front of the Defenders of Islam” who accuse it of “offending all religions” and “promote the ‘Satan worship “with his songs flirty e extravagant performances, considered promoters of promiscuity: the Front threatened to mobilize 30 000 of its activists to stop the concert.Before a previous concert in South Korea, Lady Gaga was also verbally attacked by an evangelical Christian group. Nevertheless, fans of Indonesian singer – the undisputed queen of pop in recent years, with 23million albums sold worldwide – the eagerly awaited concert. So far 52 000 tickets had been sold – half of which two hours before the start of thepresale – despite prices out of reach of the majority of the population. The organizers reserve the right to say for now if they try to organize a concertin another city, if they received clearance from the local police. In Indonesia, where more than 85 percent of the 245 million inhabitants are Muslim, moderate Islam prevails.
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