G8 Chicago: same attitude against protesters

CHICAGO -In Chicago, the leaders of 60 countries arrive for NATO summit, and the city nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan Blinda. The alert is maximum, because tomorrow is expected thousands of protesters – on several online sites – have promised battle.

After all the indignant Occupy Wall Street and all major American cities have announced a mobilization for weeks. The headquarters of the election campaign of President Barack Obama – expected in the evening in his adopted hometown with his wife Michelle – is one of the sensitive targets placed under close surveillance.
This after three youths were arrested on suspicion of preparing an attack against the seat with Molotov cocktails. Among the possible targets of the three boys – said the police – also the home of the mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, former White House chief of staff, before which these days have some protests were held with the police who had to hold off dozens of protesters.
The hotel houses where the presidential couple – inside the red zone – is surrounded by dozens of police in riot gear and the waters of the Chicago River that runs through the center of the city are patrolled by police boats and divers plumbed by.
Vigilance is still decent and the FBI said that there are no real alarm on the face of possible terrorist actions. But nothing is left to chance, with belt controls the entire city to passers-by, cars and homes.
Silent is the area of McCormick Place, the center where the summit will take place and where it is also arranged the press room. Even the airspace over Chicago has been restricted to coincide with the arrival of the first leaders to the international airport of O’Hare.
One of the great unknowns – according to local police quoted by the Chicago Tribune – is how many will be the anti-NATO protesters manifest in Chicago.
The police chief, Gary McCarthy, explains that in general this type of event “attracting about 10 000 protesters, a number that has been consistent.”But activists outraged by Wall Street Occupy, expect up to 50 000 people on the shores of Lake Michigan.

“Our imperative is to promote growth and employment”: the final communiqué of the G8 leaves no doubt. It opens with a statement certifying that the Obama victory axis-Hollande-Monti. Skip the line of those seeking to Europe to support a robust “growth agenda” while the necessary action of fiscal consolidation. If not quite the ‘major defeat’ of the summit, Chancellor Angela Merkel – now a champion and guardian of rigor – at Camp David has had to give up and take notice of the end of the ‘Merkozy’, the extreme austerity.

“With Hollande Mountains and opens the opportunity for a common approach to solve the crisis and problems in the eurozone,” said one of his closest White House advisers, the Obama administration that seems to reap the fruits of many months of pressure on the Old Continent.Pressing for fielding the most effective measures for the recovery back on its feet, not to kill the weak recovery and prevent repercussions on the stars and stripes. Growth, has ensured Monti, EU leaders will speak during the crucial summit in Brussels on 23, with the prime minister has also entered the Eurobond and project bonds between the “real tracks” to follow. In view of Council that will precede the end of June, has announced the Professor, a trilateral Rome with Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel to “harmonize” positions. The G8 leaders, at the end of the summit, are united as a few times. Also because the nightmare of the collapse of Greece and Spain looming there can be no room for divisions and conflicts. Markets look and lurk.

“There is no growth without penalty,” Merkel stressed trying to keep the point, but adding that the new France of Hollande there are great differences of opinion. The fact is that the final communiqué of the G8 confirms total agreement on the need for the Eurozone successfully carry forward “specific measures to enhance growth” – said the White House – “to minimize the risks of contagion.” And we call on European leaders to resolve their crisis “in a credible and timely”, an approach that privileges not only the appearance of cuts to reduce debt. Of course – continues – continue on a path to “fiscal responsibility” is fundamental.

But “we must take account of economic” of individual countries and “confidence-building and recovery.” This means “reforms that increase productivity and demand” and through “investments in research and in infrastructure”, involving the private sector. As for Athens, then, the G8 leaders strongly affirm their “interest for Greece in the Eurozone remains delivering on commitments made.” No mention of the possible ‘plan B’. No mention of Spain. And no mention of the banks and the need to strengthen their capital, a major concern especially in some countries. The leader instead send a reassuring message on the front of oil supplies, saying he was ready to take “appropriate measures” if they were to manifest itself supply problems due to the crises with Iran and the effect of international sanctions. A mention in the document, even to the shedding of blood in Syria, with the great compact that emphasize the need to take “quick” transition process “political” and “peaceful” to end the violence.


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