Icon “Big Tex” Gets Chemtrailed

by Zen Gardner

They’re at it everywhere, trying to incorporate chemtrails into every day images. This large tile mural is from a popular market in Dallas. Big Tex is the famous mascot of the State Fair of Texas, a giant statue and icon in the center of the fairgrounds.

When Texas used to be known for its wide open big skies, it’s now famous as one of the most heavily chemtrailed states.

After all, keep them wild horse Texans sedated or they might just kick back. Fluoride in the water, sedatives in the air, adulterated food.

Nice country.

And here in the Lone Pentagram state of all places, and dear Tex replete with masonic red and blue imagery. Hmmm. But I digress.

Hey, with all the aluminum oxide and barium everyone’s ingesting we won’t remember anything anyway, aluminum being one of the causes of alzheimer’s. That and the brain damaging anti-cholesterol statin drugs that they’re now suggesting everyone over the age of 50 take routinely that also trigger alzheimer’s.

The ol’ one-two.


Social Engineering – Embed and Repeat

If you’re a Truth “enthusiast” no doubt you’ve run into the knee jerk reaction when pointing out the chemtrails to someone, “Oh, those are just contrails!” That, or as several cops and authorities I’ve pointed them out to, “I haven’t heard anything about that.” Is that how we operate? If we hear about something from some “reliable” source it’s real?


Every day that goes by is in their favor as the “accumulation effect” kicks in and people just accept what their told or not told about the manipulated world around them.

After all, to think otherwise would cost big time. Consciousness of the real Truth of our world is admittedly overwhelming. And if you don’t respond to what you learn, karma starts to kick in a whole lifetime early.

But that’s how they do it, with a massively controlled complicit media and a population hooked on its every trend. Consciously or subconsciously.

Orwell Had It Right

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell

That’s about as profound as it gets, especially in an age when time travel has become a very real technology. If you want something to really “bake your noodle”, think about time travel capabilities in the hands of these controlling psychopaths.

Wow. Good thing Universe will swallow them up.

Anyway, here’s another great example of the conditioning and how thorough they try to be. They’re even doctoring old movies now with chemtrails to make it look like they’ve always been there. There are many examples of this but this one’s nice and concise.


Watch for It

This is the kind of thing to keep an eye out for. If you know their tactics you can avoid pitfalls and alert others more readily. It’s all around us. Stay really conscious and you’ll see things you can hardly believe at deeper and deeper levels, much of which you will learn to avoid it’s so dark.

But other beautiful views arise at the same time…beautiful people, resilient nature, kind gestures, community.

We’re not dead yet, much to their chagrin. I mean spiritually as well. They think this barrage of toxins and lies would put our lights out. Sorry. Far from it. As real as the beautiful earth’s landscape recovers from seemingly devastating catastrophe after seeming extinction event, it comes back.

And so do we. For we are eternal spirit, temporarily inhabiting an incredibly resilient majestic human form in a fabulously resilient environment.

Glory in it!

Much love, Zen

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