With the euro the dream come true for fans of Hitler

By: Parguez Alain, eminent economist and professor emeritus of Frenchuniversity

I’m here to tell you about a dark and tragic history. Did you know: Europe is a monster that goes against all rules of monetary theory and the modern economy. Why is there a system so absurd? I was told that in your country – as in mine, for that matter – some people think that if we can get rid of the euro, Italy or France would become comparable to some of the poorest countries of Africa, like Zimbabwe .

But the real economy of the Eurozone is already in the same state of Zimbabwe. In France, the real unemployment rate is about 60% of the population, a huge sum. And the true inflation rate of 7-8%. So we do not have full employment or price stability. This means that all European official figures are lies.

I quote the Director General of the French Ministry of Finance, which belongs to the Benedictine monastery and is the head of Opus Dei French – among other things, the European Commission (as the French government) is largely controlled by Opus of. I tried talking to him about this issue, and I said: “Yes, the French economy is dead, but not enough.”He said: “Professor, you must understand why there is a European system. What do we want? We want to destroy for ever, people. We want to create a new kind of Europe: a new European population, willing to accept suffering, poverty. A population willing to accept lower wages than the Chinese. And this will be the focus of my efforts. ”

The euro system has never been planned to result in a monetary union, or was thought of as American neo-liberal agenda, and this is still completely ignored by the elite European dominance. Just think, even for the French Socialist Party leader, President Obama is a Marxist. So that is the euro?It ‘a new totalitarian social order. It ‘was planned long ago, in the period between the two world wars, and then completed, so to speak, by the regime of François Mitterrand. In this new order there will be no more sovereign states. The State must vanish – at least, the state, which is rooted in democracy, in Parliament, in the Republic. In the new order, the power must be passed on to those who “deserve”. And that means elite, a capitalist class of technocrats who enjoy absolute power to control.

The origin of European monetary union was born two wars between the most reactionary and conservative parties of the French ruling class. The Italian philosopher Julius Evola Mussolini had accused of being too soft with people and Hitler himself to be too favorable to the people. The so-called sovereign debt crisis is obviously an event that has never before occurred in history. A crisis of this magnitude has been carefully planned by the architects of the European system. What I had in mind was to privatize the state. And as a State where there is a democracy tends to lose wealth, it is obvious that then is forced to borrow money, then the debt is considered at risk: so the state must be entirely subjected to the so-called bond market , and that’s exactly what’s happening.

There is no way to solve the problem and accommodate the system, because as social order has its own logic, and those who control the system will never accept any changes, especially no intervention by the ECB, which is not aimed exclusively at increasing the wealth of the banks.The only way to save European society is rid of this system. In Europe, the private sector is dead. The leaders of the capitalist sector are no longer interested in the real economy: they are “rentier”, financial income earners, and capitalism is dying. In France, already from 5-6 years, the growth is below 3-4% per year. The euro? It ‘a smash, which in effect destroys the real economy.

In the planning of the euro system has two phases. The first is from 1940 to 1943, the second is the work largely of Mitterrand. In the mid-30s, you start with people like Jean Monnet and Schuman. Schuman wrote in 1927 that there was need to establish Europe as a new order, rooted in tradition. “Saving Europe from forfeiture” for pro-Europeans meant to save her from socialism, revolution, protests, Jews, Marxists, free access to health and education, abortion, homosexuality. The goal of the first Europeans was to build a system exactly opposite to that of U.S. companies, they hated. The Europeanist elites hated the American consumer society: the most hated the United States and the Soviet Union.

What you should do to build Europe? Abolish the States, to force a permanent state of deflation, gradually reduce government spending, and transfer power to a class of super-partes technocrats, operating at the supranational level. For these Europeans the first hour, what it meant to Europe? It meant creating a condominium, consisting of France and Germany, and a colonial empire that also includes the south of Europe and Eastern Europe, this objective had been clearly explained. And how could suppress the state? It was necessary to deprive him of any power in relation to money. All these Europeans were fanatical followers of Friedrich Hayek, the Austrian economist more than the right of that time.

Europe would then have to rely on a supranational currency, fully controlled by a central bank sovereign enjoyed absolute power to block states.Ultimately, their goal was to impose the future European currency as a super-gold standard: the first draft, so to speak, of the Treaty of Maastricht, was written by French economist François Perroux in 1943, with the full support of a Treaty approved by the German regime and the French regime pro-Nazi era. The new treaty, formulated and approved by President Sarkozy and Mrs Merkel, is based on exactly what was written by François Perroux in ’43.

Those people were opposed to the traditional gold standard, because they believed that he had not allowed the complete eradication of the spending power of the state, so we had to create a gold standard higher.And this was the first step of the process. But for some time the European project was held in the rear, because all of his supporters were more pro-Hitler Hitler himself. So it took until the regime of François Mitterrand. One of his super-consultant, a monarchist, said: “I hate the poor.” It was Jacques Attali: de facto Prime Minister of France. Among other things, Attali was the leader of a series of ex-Marxist, converted into supporters of the new regime. He was then commissioned to create a more “sustainable” euro-system. But the vision was the same: “We must destroy the malls,” which for them was an expression of pure shame, because people had to accept being poor.

I remember some debate in the Committee was concerned that secret presidential entourage, Mitterrand had to earn the support of the then Communist Party, and I was instructed to write a series of modest circumstances, Keynesian economic theory of modern art. But among the funders of the Mitterrand election campaign was the Chase Manhattan Bank, and so was never supported a program of full employment. Attali said: “I have the commitment of our dear, the future president as soon as possible we will destroy the state, we will create a deflationary economy, real wages will fall, what we have in mind is the collapse of the income of workers and French society. ” How can we do this? With the Maastricht Treaty and the creation of the euro.

I stress above all the lies. I happened to see me pretty close to François Mitterrand, long time ago, before the war had a special bond with my mother, who told me: “François is so good at bullshit that may even be able to make people believe that the interests to good to people. ” During one debate on the Treaty of Maastricht, in response to the question of a student, Mitterrand dare say, “I can swear that, in the Treaty, there is no mention of an independent European central bank.” The fundamental principle of European treaties was the privatization of the state. And that is: to force states to borrow money by selling bonds to private banks. The Member, like any company reputation profoundly pure, they had to go asking for money to banks, interest rates established by the banks themselves.

The Maastricht Treaty and the subsequent Stability and Growth Pact – the true name should be: Covenant of destruction and instability – has been the realization of their objectives: States fully subject to private banks, and then forced to cut public spending . It ‘s exactly what happened, despite the lies continue. The percentage of public debt, in the heritage of French and German banks, is below 5%. The banks lose money not because of debt, but due to the total collapse of the real economy. I am absolutely terrified when people say, “Oh, poor banks.” The French government has lied, but she knew what were the true condition of the Greek economy: 90% of greek debt – like the Italian one – is in the hands of French and German banks.

If the new treaty will then actually approved, we will be facing the complete abdication of the States, and fiscal policies of any type of social policy.You will then be reached that dream of a “new order”. Now the question of who should manage the system is how you can maintain control of the company? It ‘s the problem that arise. Of this, they fear, because there is no debate in Germany, France, and in most European countries, economists are absolutely corrupt official; I would say you might think of them prostitutes. And we are in their hands: you never speak of infamy at the base of the collapse of the European system.


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