Assange refugee Ecuador Embassy in London

New twist in the saga of Wikileaks: Julian Assange, the founder of the site dedicated to the total transparency of information online has taken refuge in diplomatic ‘Embassy of Ecuador in London, and requested political asylum in the Latin American country, with serious chance to get it. The aim of the move, sensational and totally surprise Assange, is to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces a double rape trial, after the green light, now taken for granted, of British justice.

In a number of Wikileaks, the Supreme Court on appeal after rejecting his appeal on June 14, had granted 14 days before giving effect to the extradition, even given a chance to appeal before the European Court for Human Rights, the last chance to avoid the inevitable extradition. One of the fears of Assange, arrested in Britain on an international arrest warrant in December 2010, in addition to a sentence in Sweden, was to finish in the U.S., where it could be celebrated one day a devastating case against him, with serious accusations that could even cost him many years of imprisonment, if not worse.

The news that Assange has taken refuge in London, the central Knightsbridge, came from Quito, by a bare statement of the Foreign Ministry, who immediately informed the Foreign Office. Quoted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assange claims to “have been abandoned by the authorities of my country, Australia”, opening the door to a possible and possible extradition to the United States, “a country that applies the death penalty for the offense espionage and treason. ” Assange does not trust even the Swedish authorities, where “the most senior managers I have openly attacked, and have launched an investigation into political murders in the United States of America, a country that still maintain the death penalty for crimes of this type “.

Ecuador has said it “is considering the request” and that any decision “will be made taking into account compliance with the rules and principles of international law”, as well as the “traditional policy of protecting human rights in Ecuador. Assange was contact with the South American country since the end of 2010, ie shortly after the outbreak of the storm Wikileaks, with the publication of tens of thousands of confidential diplomatic documents, many of which are embarrassing, and the vast majority of whom are Americans. were delivered to Wikileaks anonymously in a military, Bradley Manning, currently in prison in the U.S., and which risks the death penalty. The then Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Quito, Kintto Lucas, had not only invited to speak Assange in Ecuador, but had also offered the residence.

Much more recently, on May 22, Assange interviewed Rafael Correa, the Ecuadorian president, the Russian television RussiaToday with which the founder of Wikileaks has started working. Ecuador has suffered an attempted coup in September 2010 and Correa had even been taken hostage. According to sources, the Latin American, could be behind the attempted coup was the CIA, and relying on some media “corrupt” in the country, against which the president seems to have then furious. A little ‘ironically the U.S. magazine’ The Atlantic ‘to Assange fact suggests that in a statement thanked Ecuador for having agreed to consider his request for asylum, to think twice before you settle down in the Latin American country, where virtually there is no press freedom. Now all eyes will turn to Los Cabos, Mexico, where at the end of the G20 summit, questions on the crisis between the U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron will win on the new episode of the saga Assange.


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