Global Warming Model Incorrect; Leading Scientist Detracts Statement That Humans Are To Blame

In a world of recycled this, and an Inconvenient that, new research has top scientists recanting statements made regarding the Global Warming model and it’s forecasted effects. The new belief: we have no need to worry.

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is largely responsible for producing information concerning the grand effects of global warming. But is it information we can trust? Fritz Vahrenholt, a leader on green theory, has concluded much of the IPCC’s reports contain incorrect data. Much of the knowledge circulating from the IPCC headquarters is pulled from previously published articles, not facts on new research performed to test global warming theories.

With no true scientific reports to support the IPCC’s claims that humans are to blame for global warming, where does that leave the public?

In no man’s land. There is officially no scientific data that proves carbon emissions produced by the public are causing harm to the Earth’s climate. Further, Vahrenholt claims that Global Warming models relating to the Earth’s past climate are deeply flawed.

With so much incorrect information remaining inconclusive about the past, it would be foolish to put stock in the IPCC’s model to forecast the future.

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One response to “Global Warming Model Incorrect; Leading Scientist Detracts Statement That Humans Are To Blame

  1. A global warming controversy still exists for a range of reasons.
    Well, then, how would they do this without causing a real-life Armageddon.

    We cannot use technology to refreeze disappearing glaciers or the ice
    caps, refill rivers, remake their entire ecology or stop rising oceans due to global warming.

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