Arrested ‘Joker’ 28-year-old, threatened murder in Maryland

He wanted to shoot on the farm where he was going to be fired

He called himself ‘Joker’, as the killer of Denver. And the company that was planning a massacre was about to fire him. A stop was the police of Maryland. He, the 28 year old Neil Prescott, did not hide his intentions: he wanted to “load his gun and blast all up” to his job.


The boy, as reported by the BBC, was also wearing a shirt that says: “Guns do not kill people, but I do.” When I shot the handcuffs was shown collaborative. But to confuse the police was found inside his home, a veritable arsenal of weapons, including about a dozen rifles and pistols. The authorities have discovered that in the days before his arrest Prescott had even pointed the finger at an executive of his company, saying: “I want to see your brains smashed on the floor.”

While the analyzes are underway to evaluate his mental health, law enforcement officials have stated that currently there is no connection with the massacre took place at the Aurora Film

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