New York: Far West in Times Square, police kill a man

Panic in Times Square, where police killed a man, stopped for an anti-drug, pulled out a kitchen knife with a blade 15 cm, and has stirred the crowd. Many have taken the tragic sequence with cell phones and cameras. The man, an African American 51 years identified Darrius Kennedy, had been stopped because it ‘seemed to be making use of marijuana.

Approached by police in a pocket a pack of cigarettes and pulled out a knife in the square ‘Crossroads of the World’, full of tourists and passersby at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Repeated calls to the police to put down that knife, the man has not obeyed and started to run through the crowd, svicolando between the car and causing panic among the passersby. His only words were:” Take me, shoot me, shoot me.” And the police did, in a moment from the Far West in one of the squares more ‘crowded in the world, after vainly for six times pepper spray, two police officers shot while the man drove off and was in the vicinity of 37th Street and Seventh Avenue.

The man and ‘fell to the ground and it’ was pronounced dead 40 minutes later at Bellevue Hospital Center. The police did not disclose how many shots were fired altogether, but according to some witnesses, and it ‘been a dozen shots, some of which have reached the man in the chest. Some passersby have described scenes of panic, others were not intimidated and continued to film the man who walked away, until the sound of gunfire.

” He continued to agitate against the officers, who fired to defend himself ’cause they feared for their life,” said Asa Lowe, who witnessed the shooting. ” I saw the man running with a knife in his hand. There were 20 or 30 police officers who followed him, and that the shouting stopped, threw the weapon” and ‘reconstruction of other witnesses, according to which man, even when surrounded by police continued to wave the knife. According to other witnesses the man wandered often to Times Square, wearing a t-shirt ‘Ninjas killed my family’ and demanded money from passersby.

” The police had no choice but to shoot: either the shooting or would take someone hostage, ‘said a man in Times Square during the incident. ” Every time a police officer approached, the man waved the knife in a disorderly way. The agents – refer other witnesses – they pulled out their guns only when they saw the knife.”


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