Vatileaks: Seized check for 100,000 euros payable to the Pope and gold nugget

Vatican City – Gabriele Paolo, the Pope’s room aide arrested May 23 on charges of stealing documents from the apartment of Benedict XVI, was indicted for aggravated theft. With Paul Gabriel, indicted a programmer analyst in the Vatican Secretariat, Claudio Sciarpelletti.

FOUND A CHEQUE MADE OUT TO GABRIELE PAPA – Fruit of the searches against Paul Gabriel and now face seizure, there are not only documents stolen from ‘papal apartment, but also a check for 100,000 euros made ​​out to the Pope, a gold nugget and an edition Aeneid of 1581. Objects were gifts made ​​by Benedict XVI.

INVESTIGATIONS CONTINUE ON FLIGHT DOCUMENTS – The Vatican judges with the trial of Paul Gabriel Claudio Sciarpelletti for larceny and for aiding and abetting, do not conclude the investigation of the leak of documents that continue. Ie the closure of the investigation is partial.

GABRIEL AND ‘STATE REFERRED TO REPORT PSYCHIATRIC – The investigations of Paul Gabriel has also led, in June and early July, by a psychiatrist. The request, said Father Federico Lombardi, was “made ​​by the promoter of justice, but the request was also associated with the defense of Gabriel”. The analysis was made ​​for the contrast between the testimony of Gabriel, as “normal and proper person” and his confession, and the findings of investigations, which instead indicated that he made ​​an “extremely serious act.”

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