Blogger reveals plans for Israel war on Iran

Richard silverstein online public details secret attack Tehran

Winds of war between Iran and Israel

A coordinated attack, which also includes a cyber-attack unprecedented able to completely paralyze the Iranian regime and its ability to understand what is happening within their own borders.


The alleged plans of Israel’s war against Tehran were revealed by the Israeli-American blogger Richard Silverstein has published on its website ‘Tikun Olam (‘ repairing the world, in Hebrew), an extract of a dossier that would be given by a high-level Israeli source who in turn received it from an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. The document was passed because, according to its source, “these are not normal times and I fear that Bibi (Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, ed) and Barak (Minister of Defence, ed) make damn seriously.”

The dossier reveals the plan of attack in three phases: the first would use the most sophisticated technology to knock out the Internet, mobile, radio, television, satellite communications, the fiber connections of strategic buildings in the country, including underground missile bases and Khorramabad Isfahan. For the second phase would be launched dozens of ballistic missiles, capable of covering a distance of 300 kilometers, against the Islamic Republic by Israeli submarines positioned close to the Persian Gulf. Missiles “are not equipped with conventional warheads,” says the document, “but with reinforced toes, designed to penetrate deep.”

In this case, the file refers to underground sites, like the one at Fordow, perhaps the most worrying because Israel dug into a mountain near Qom to a depth that is supposed to be out of the reach of even the most piercing bombs. Finally, the third phase, with the launch of more missiles – this time cruise – for knock control systems and control, research and development and the residences of the staff involved in the plan to enrich uranium.

The information collected over the years will be used to completely decapitate the professional ranks and control of Iran in these fields. After the first wave of attacks, which will be timed to the second, a satellite will pass over Iran to assess the damage to the objectives. The information is then transferred to the air war with technology unknown to the general public and also for America, invisible to radar and sent to Iran to finish the job, hitting a short list of goals.


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