Assange: ‘Gb threatens attack on our embassy’

QUITO – Become a scorching the diplomatic clash between Ecuador and Great Britain on the case Julian Assange. In the report a” threat” British” storm” the embassy in London to Quito, where and ‘refugee co-founder Wikileks, Ecuador announced that within a few hours will do’ know if you give ‘requested political asylum from Assange.

In a press conference in Quito, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino was postponed to Thursday ‘at 7 am local time (13 in Italy) the announcement by the Socialist government of Rafael Correa on the possible go-ahead to kindergarten, that is taken for granted, and not only in the Ecuadorian capital.

The reply of Great Britain, equally firm, and ‘came a few minutes later. London – Foreign Office has reiterated -” and ‘determined to extradite Julian Assange in Sweden,” where” the Australian publisher and’ accused of rape and sexual violence.” The United Kingdom, and ‘pointed out,” has a legal obligation to extradite Assange’ cause is questioned on charges of sexual abuse. We remain determined to fulfill that obligation.” In the meeting with the press, Patino attacked on several ‘fronts, and hardness, Great Britain.

The minister said a” threat” and” voice” is written that” our embassy in London could be under attack, if Assange is not delivered.” ” The unauthorized entry of any authorities ‘British in the embassy – said the minister – will be’ considered a violation” of international law and UN rules. Patino also called that threat” a fact inappropriate for a democratic, civil and respectful of the law”,” remembering that Ecuador is not ‘a colony of the United Kingdom” and that his country and’ ready to convene an emergency meeting of the ‘Unasur (block comprising 12 countries of South America) and the Organization of American States (OAS).

One response to “Assange: ‘Gb threatens attack on our embassy’

  1. The UK is a land of sick disgusting fools who follow the orders of a cunt queen and her disgusting mate, Satan. FUCK THE UK… Nuke em.

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