Mother Nature against Monsanto

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, announced that the famous GM maize from Monsanto has become a delicacy for pests, that within a few generations have grown accustomed to genetically modified corn and its defenses.

So much so that now proliferate by feeding on the roots of its corn, regardless of the fact that they have those Monsanto has a “killer protein” that should leave them stiff.
Monsanto has responded by denying, but wheel got a radio in Minnesota to collect the stories of farmers, who see their plants with damaged roots are unable to absorb the already scarce water offering the dry season and who witnessed shocked even the collapse their plantations under the action of the wind. (!)

No more invulnerable to pests and nothing more earnings multiplied by the great scientific innovation this year, only collected ended up in the belly of worms and money ended up in the coffers of Monsanto, which may now be exposed to powerful claims for damages, since his miraculous product that is no longer holds as promised by the company.
To resolve this problem could return to the traditional crop rotation, because these parasites feed only corn and then die of hunger in his absence, except that the rotation has been abandoned, particularly in view of the higher yields offered by Monsanto and now farmers have for years linked to a monoculture.

A practice that obviously favored the adaptation and proliferation of insects genetically insensitive to the defenses of Monsanto. It took just 15 years for nature to take measures to maize BT and its “innovation”, driven with great enthusiasm by politicians and scientists closer to Monsanto, and now that has happened there is no plan B if not to return to traditional methods and forego the services of Monsanto, however, that it will not earn a fraction of what he has received tying farmers hands and feet to its product.


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