Your child’s financial future

We would do anything for our kids wouldn’t we?  The time, energy, and knowledge we invest in our children is the truest testament of who we are as human beings.  What if I told you many of us are making a serious teaching mistake with our kids?

It has nothing to do with nutrition, nothing to do with faith, and nothing to do with social interaction.  To put it frankly we are failing our kids on how to develop financial stability, financial independence, and financial freedom.  Today we make a change by taking control of your child’s  financial future.


None of us can stand the thought of children enslaved to debt, greed, or corruption but over the last 40 years we have done just that.  Our children have watched parents slap on debt handcuffs, voluntarily I might add, as we saddle ourselves with car payments, credit card debt, house payments, etc.  Bigger, nicer, faster, younger has caused mom to go back to work and dad to take 20mg of acid inhibitors daily.  Living just beyond our means requires most to finance part, if not all, of the American Dream.

Our economy is now dependent on you teaching your kids how to borrow money and then spend it. If you don’t our economy slams shut like a screen door in tornado alley.  College loans the size of mortgages greet new grads instead of job prospects.  We gladly swallow what advertisers peddle without questioning why we really need what ever it is they are selling.  Do I really need a week in the Caribbean?  Do I really need more hair?  Do I really need a bigger house or season tickets?  Am I letting other parents down if my kid doesn’t take part in 9 months of club sports?  We slap on debt handcuffs because we think we deserve it and our children actually pay the price.


The few not indebted and able to save have no idea their savings is in danger of theft. Traditional methods to “save” no longer work.  Recently we posted how a twenty-dollar bill and twenty-dollar gold coin once shared the same value.  Today the gold piece will buy 95 times more than the same twenty-dollar bill.  To save in anything dollar related is risky.  To teach your children to save in anything dollar related is destructive.  The US Dollar, most currencies in fact, is now in full print mode trying to prop up too big to fails and other dying industries.  If you want to invest in something that irresponsible leaders can create at a moments notice feel free but understand your children will pay for it.

Gold and silver are real money and quickly becoming a world currency.  Why do you think central banks worldwide are trading currencies for gold? Precious metal can’t be printed, reproduced, or replicated.  Teach your children the difference between real money and monopoly money as soon as possible.  Since you’re reading this site you must realize something is not right with traditional methods of saving.  Good job.  No longer is equity ( our homes) a safe form of saving, no longer are most stocks a safe form of saving, no longer is the dollar a safe form of saving.  Please do the research for yourself soon.


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