Moon landing hoax theory or fact?

“A true American hero.” So has been called Neil Armstrong, shy and quiet engineer in Ohio, however, intended to become a global hero, the first man to pose foot on the moon, back in July 20, 1969. Today Armstrong has left this earth, the one that moved was able to contemplate the lunar surface. He died at 82 years for cardiovascular complications following a delicate heart operation suffered in early August.

But there are still many doubts about the Moon landing…

One of the most common questions we get is, “Why would Apollo fake the first manned moon mission (Apollo 8) and then continue to go back 8 more times? To answer this question, one must understand both history and the future. Technology is far beyond what the public is allowed to know – in some cases 35 years ahead of public knowledge.

The elite handlers of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) needed a long term distraction from the real space program, for the purposes of covertly building the vast control mechanisms and placing them in Earth orbit.

Bart Sibrel touches on this in his first film, when he includes the real reason for space presence – military domination of the Earth from space. This is the history. Another resource for this documented movement towards worldwide tyranny isArsenal of Hypocrisy. NASA is a multifaceted tool of the MIC, and the Global Elite who plan to implement world government. Apollo was in fact, a great distraction.

Reason #1. The Apollo Earth Video Shots – “Live” TV Broadcasts. The Apollo 11 crew allegedly filmed three live shots of the planet Earth from great distances, or did they? As it turns out, Bart Sibrel discovered that these shots were perfected during the Apollo 10 flights, for propaganda use on the public. To view more evidence, click >> the Apollo 10 Apollo 11 Hoax.

Apollo 11. July 18th, 1969. Neil Armstrong, having heard CapCom report Columbia’s distance from the Earth at 130,000 miles out – begins the unofficial television transmission [to be edited and partially played later] by echoing the same distance of 130,000 miles. In view, out the Commander’s window is a small ball of blue, with a terminator line and weather patterns matching Earth’s current conditions.

We are meant to believe that the blue ball is Earth. It is not. This evidence is our top reason. There can be no doubt. The Apollo 11 Westinghouse camera was not zooming through deep space to see a distant Earth and zooming back out again through deep space. When truly understood, when one understands that the Earth could not have remained in view through the small window across the room, or suddenly appeared as large as when they zoomed into it – this proves the hoax. This is the ‘smoking gun’ of Apollo, and the top reason to not believe the official story. Raw footage of this is available on the DVD Apollo 11 Monkey Business with detailed explanations in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, and confrontations about it with 9 of the Apollo astronauts in Astronauts Gone Wild.

Few people have taken the time to analyze this footage, but if they truly approach this footage for what it is and not what they hope it will be – they will come to the same conclusion. It is staged, and the Earth is fake.

Bart Sibrel got it wrong in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon. He should have deeply consulted with other Hoax Researchers, but he did not. Sibrel thought it was an “in-orbit’ shot of Earth through a circular window. Neither is correct. The commander’s window is not circular, and there’s no way this was the real Earth at all.

Behind Michael Collins, hanging on Window Number 1 [the commander’s CM window] was a transparency – used when they brought down the lights and adjusted the camera exposure. The transparency was a picture of the planet Earth. This was first tested by another Apollo crew on their “flight”, which can be examined in detail, through the research & videography of Jarrah White (linked above).

There is no room for “theory” here, in terms of whether or not Apollo safely sent men to the moon and back. The hoax is no longer simply speculation. It’s an historical fact.

If you can think of any other reasons that are more convincing CONTACT us via our Contact page.

2. The Precedent of Secret U.S. Government Operations. Wars are never accidental. As in the case of NASA, big money is to be made. Twelve Days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, an intercepted message revealed the plans of the Japanese, yet nothing was done to warn the base. The video below is yet another piece in the puzzle of “false flag operations” in U.S. military history – from the U.S. S. Maine to 9/11. We know that the use of drills are employed to cover up the real operation in any black op, so it is highly likely that the false reports of enemy subs and ships in previous weeks were falsely reported by agents inserted into the ranks of Pearl Harbor’s finest.

A knowledge of true history is needed to understand why the moon missions had to be faked. It had nothing to do with a real space race, but a fabricated and protected farce. The money powers needed to insure a race for arms and a race for space, manipulated for billions in profits for the global bankers and insider industrialists.

Japanese submarines at the mouth of Pearl Harbor were sunk many hours before the 1941 ‘surprise’ attacks commenced. An intercepted, November communication of the attack plan was ignored. The U.S. entered WW II based on a lie. Sound familiar? The corrupt CIA and NSA were formed on the principal of insuring U.S. economic interests around the world and at home — at any price.

John F. Kennedy, who had plans to unite the space exploration efforts of the Soviet Union with those of the United States, announcing hopes for a joint moon mission with the USSR at the United Nations — thereby ending both the Space Race and Arms Race, never lived to see that day. The elite, international bankers would kill him before he had the chance, a mere two months after his joint moon mission speech of September 20th, 1963. (See video and documents below)

On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel, under the direct orders of LBJ. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was also a staged event, meant to insure expanded involvement in Vietnam. Area 51 continues to be one of the most heavily protected U.S. installations known today, guarding who-knows-exactly-what. And the list is endless.

Yes, covert operations have a prominent place in the U.S.A.’s recent sordid history. And although this reason in and of itself is not enough to prove the Manned Moon Landing to be a hoax, it certainly shows that the organizations are in place to carry out such an operation – 9 fake trips to the moon. Most .US. citizens are emotionally attached to the idea of “We got there first”, so much so that the pride of being a part of the United States has made them forget what being citizen implies.

The foundation of this nation is dissent and rebellion against a corrupt government, never a worship of it. The government is to be a servant of the people, but our laziness has made us a slave to our government.

So, in summation, reason number 2 is that our own pride as a nation has blinded us to the fact that the intelligence community has been used as a tool of the elite to hijack our nation’s assets and subject the will of the people to a “love affair” with NASA.

3. The Lunar Surface Photographic and Video Record. The lies and cover ups in still shots and video are vast, and are still being discovered to this day.

Problems with lighting and the infamous C-Rock photo with it’s “C-less” counterpart doctored photo have been the subject of much debate between those who believe the photos have remained unaltered and others who believe the photos were completely staged. Still there are some photos that seem to fall into the retouched category. Countless photographic anomalies remain in question. There is no doubt that the more significant problem with the C-Rock photo is that it has obviously been altered, and the alteration we refer to has nothing to do with the rock, but the more serious problem is the cut and paste of the rover and astronaut. Also, few people notice the C on the ground, telling the set workers where to place the rock. It’s there on the ground, directly below the C on the rock.

Also, under the Apollo 11 LEM, pebbles are still in place and there is no indication of landing by anything other than a cable lowered down on a pristine surface of grayish sand and powder. There are no streaks of dust spreading out from the descent engine.

We do not focus on shadows, except for a few photos. This is because the photos focused on by some have become straw men, easily debunked. The high-powered, fake sun reflected in the astronauts visors as a large circular object is a far stronger argument – and one that cannot be easily dismissed. We’ve included a link to Jack White’s studies (left) for those interested in the photographic record, but again we don’t place much weight on this argument. Shadow trajectory changes with terrain. It is the 8% average alb edo of the moon’s surface that is more damning than shadow angles.

4. The Apollo 15 Flag Waving – Untouched. Raw NASA “live” footage. 2:37

In order to explain this one, the Apollo Believers must keep you guessing by resorting to claims of a static discharge with the astronaut’s distant space suit. View the video for yourself (gif at top left of page), and see why this incident alone hits a lofty number 4 in our top 10.

5. The Limitations of 1960’s Publicly Known Computer Technology, small meteors, and radiation in space. The U.S. government’s top secret military and science technology is always far beyond what the public knows, as we have seen time after time when the news is revealed that what we had thought of as “new” advances in science are in reality decades old.

For example, the SR-71 Blackbird was for over 35 years, reported to be the fastest manned aircraft in the world, even though it was first introduced to the public in 1964. Is the public so dumbed down as to believe that the U.S. and other countries have not advanced in speed capability far past 45 year old aerospace technology? In the three videos below, you will see that the Lunar Module would not have withstood the 200,000+ mile journey of exposed space travel, and neither would the astronauts with so little protection from radiation, not to mention the danger of landing on the moon safely and returning. Our true space program is subject to top secret discretion, because it far advanced and military in nature. It has nothing to do with exploration, and everything to do with the enslavement of mankind.

Almost 40 years ago, with *combined CSM and LM guidance computer memory totaling only 10.3% [152kb] of a common 1.4MB [1474.56kb] floppy disk, NASA claims to have traveled 60,000% as far as any other manned spacecraft has gonebefore or since. Basically a household calculator (or discount watch) took 27 men [Apollo 8 to 17] to the moon and back, with the help of slide rules – accounting for fuel consumption, angle of approach, lunar landing, rate of descent, and so on. Yet at a distance of under 300 miles from Earth, we have lost the lives of 14 Shuttle astronauts who never left Earth orbit. In 9 trips there were no incidents involving small meteors, even though the hull of the craft dubbed the LM had a hull so thin in places that a screwdriver wall fall through the floor if dropped. Yes, Space is a big place – but there were no injuries or damage except Apollo 13’s apparent self-inflicted wound? Van Allen made it clear in his 1958-59 report that travelers to the moon would need go around the belts, approaching the moon by first departing through the space directly above the the north or south poles of the Earth. These limitations alone, make the trip to the moon a theory, and not a fact. 

6. “Moon” Rocks. Perhaps there is no greater evidence cited for a manned moon landing by the public than ‘moon’ rocks. But few people it would seem on the Earth know that our planet is home to countless meteorites. Adding to the complexity of this question of whether the rocks are terrestrial in discovery is the fact that rock samples were distributed all over the world with little or no accountability. This trend has recently changed however, with the fake rock being found in the Dutch National Museum. The rock is nothing more than petrified wood.

Wernher von Braun, a NAZI with the honorary rank equivalent of a major in Hitler’s SS, took a team to Antarctica, while he was supposed to be perfecting Apollo’s Saturn V rocket. This man signed papers to permit the use of slave laborers to build his V2 rockets, and over 20,000 people suffered daily and eventually died under his supervision. In addition, he sent countless V2 rockets into the heart of London – with plans to do so to Washington, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia. If he and his NAZI team were capable of such inhuman activities, it is clearly not a leap in logic to say they would have no problem continuing their unethical practices in this country as well. How? By falsifying the greatest purported evidence we have today for the manned landings — by collecting meteorites to be later modified in a ceramic lab — into forged moon rocks. Some say, we have tiny moon-made spheres! But these could have just as easily been collected by the unmanned probes we sent to the moon’s surface. Contributing Editor Jarrah White has conducted and published an archive of research on the subject of the “moon” rocks. We’ve linked to only one playlist of many, many videos – Click here to view.

7. The Testimony of Apollo Astronauts under Light Duress. 
In Bart Sibrel’s film, Astronauts Gone Wild, Sibrel is shown confronting nine of the 24 Apollo astronauts who allegedly went to the moon and back. More often than not they give a hostile or highly evasive response, brought on either by being exposed and shamed for their participation in the fraud, fear of retaliation by the Defense Intelligence Agency, and/or the setting off of a programming trigger that was programmed into them during the process of their mind control sessions. Or could it be that they really went and are not willing to swear to it under oath?

Here is a video of the latest set of denials on the Internet in an interview of Jack Schmitt, who inadvertently advances the cause of the hoax researchers with evasive, weak and at times illogical answers. For example, he blames the government for the school system for not teaching history – but the exact opposite is true. What the public schools fail to teach is a healthy distrust of government as our founders taught us in the legacy of their writings and speeches. If anything, the public schools teach that the landings took place, and don’t question it at all.

So Schmitt’s logic is faulty.

These men were professionals, trained to perform calmly under extreme pressure, but when it comes to defending the most important days of their professional career, they fall way short of producing the facts – resorting to threats of violence, unscientific statements, and absconding behavior. For example, in the film Astronauts Gone Wild, while defending the Apollo 11 footage of the Earth from 130,000 miles out, Buzz Aldrin said things like, “They can do all kinds of things with fake photography” (even though he shot this film with his own hands) and “We’re passengers. We’re guys going on a flight.” Kicking and punching – is that a behavior of someone who knows they are in the right or someone angry at the threat of being exposed? And what about the Apollo 11 Press Conference (DVD)? Armstrong says he can’t remember which stars he could see from the surface while shooting photos. Collins covers for him, saying “I don’t remember seeing any”. Collins of course, was not supposed to be on the moon’s surface, so the NASA transcript attributes this saying to Aldrin.

8. The Apollo One Fire. What few people understand is that Gus Grissom was extremely critical of the AS-204 spacecraft, namely the Command Module. Five days before he died, he picked a lemon from his backyard, as his wife testifies to this day, and he hung it on the Block 12 Capsule before his death. He understood that something had changed with NASA since his Gemini mission with John Young. Imagine the control this gave the establishment over the astronauts when they learned that they too would be burned alive if they decide to expose the lie. And as time went on, they found the men whom they could trust, or would easily come under more scientific forms of mind control.

The three true Apollo heroes who unwillingly gave their life (Grissom’s famous quote is taken out of context since he was referring to a mission he was confident in – Gemini) at Pad 34 did not have to die. We all know that, but why did they die? After years of investigation into the findings of the 90th Congress, we believe that the AS-204 crew were not simply victims of neglect – they were executed. The findings are detailed in the multimedia DVD The Apollo One Accident Report, along with the complete 3,500+ page report for your own investigation. Lt. Col. Gus Grissom, a man of the highest military integrity, pulled the largest lemon he could find off the tree in his back yard, and told his wife, “I’m going to hang it on that spacecraft”. This was 5 days after the famous media day pictures had been taken at Pad 34, and five days before he would die at Pad 34. Grissom also called a press conference to address grievances against NASA and North American regarding the failures of the CSM Block 1. There is no doubt that he, Roger Chaffee and Ed White [whose wife Pat was later ‘suicided’] were on a path that would surely lead to heated confrontations and the public exposure of the manned moon landing hoax. They were sacrificed. There is no doubt about it. The evidence is clear.

9. The Means and the Motive. 
In this clip, Aron Ranen’s film Did We Go? exposes NASA as being built from the ground up by war criminals from NAZI’s Germany. Under von Braun, as many as 5 people a day were hanged, and over 25,000 prisoners died directly under Von Braun’s supervision of slave labor.

While Ranen’s logic at first glance seems to be correct in thinking that hiding these war criminals’ past would be a valid motive for the advancement of Apollo rocketry, this assumes that the goal was going to the moon. However, the real goal was to provide propaganda for the ‘fake’ space race while rockets with military payloads were sent into earth orbit. And at the same time, the ‘space race’ would serve to keep dissent at bay since we were only “using” the Germans for the greater good – to best those Red Commies.

Behind the scenes, technologies would be shared among the two “super powers” while we the public thought the top leaders were bitter enemies.This principle is no different than subjecting us to another long standing tradition of manipulation – the two party system in Great Britain and in the United States. Both are under the same controllers – the international bankers and the scientific-military industrial complex, as they work towards a New World Order.

Does life imitate art, or art imitate life — or is it possible that sometimes art simulates and manipulates life? Some have claimed that Stanley Kubrick was involved in the production of the Apollo EVAs. And not long ago, a Canadian, tongue-in-cheek film was produced to make a mockery of this claim. We hold no clear position on the matter. In addition, since the 1950’s Walt Disney was recruited to create widespread public acceptance of a very expensive trip to the moon, as well as the public approval of a group of NAZI war criminals, led by Wernher von Braun. The result was widespread disinformation, but the end motive is not all together clear. One must ask, “Was the space race itself a fabrication, set up by those behind what Eisenhower called the “Military Industrial Complex”? See Reason 2. 

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey proves that the technology existed to fake the dockings, landings, walks, and takeoffs from the moon’s surface. The means existed. On that note, Google Search “Lookout Mountain Studio”.

10. The Fake Footage.
 Here’s one example of wires being exposed off of source footage used by a modern television program. Has the newer footage been touched up and released as “original”, so as not to reveal these blunders?

A model of the moon is used for the Apollo 11 descent footage. Anyone with basic knowledge of motion pictures can see it’s a fake moon. This fake footage is on the the tape we received from NASA, compiled on the DVD Monkey Business: False Photography Unedited. Another example is the Lunar Ascent Module footage. It depicts a rotation that immediately commences at full speed, and after rotation, immediately stops. There is absolutely no indication of a drop off in speed or a gradual acceleration, as Newton’s law of motion would necessitate. In addition, there are problems with the descent of at least two LEMs as well, as can be seen to the left in the Apollo 17 footage. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on this, but perhaps if you’d seen the mislabeled tape sent to Sibrel from NASA’s Johnson Space Center, you’d move this reason closer to number 1. The contents of that tape are available – Apollo 11 Monkey Business: False Photography Unedited. You’d better watch it while sitting down. We have accumulated and produced over 250 YouTube videos that you can watch for free. We are convinced that our YouTube videos alone, put together with Jarrah White’s YouTube videos will convince any honest person that Apollo did not take men to the moon.

Sadly, our YouTube account was finally removed after a second wave of attacks by ‘NASA worshippers’. After having had over 60 of our videos removed, we transferred them to a Justin.TV account and Both crimes against our free speech were the result of our enemies’ handiwork. We learned that the Apollo-Believer propagandists had flagged our videos for ‘inappropriate content’.

MOON LANDING – APOLLO 11 – What You Never Saw on TV.


One response to “Moon landing hoax theory or fact?

  1. Dear __________,

    Please shepherd these videos to the Internet, and, in effect, the public domain. I wish to remain anonymous, and I trust you will take care in my request. I would be very grateful. I am asking other parties for the same favor. I hope someone obliges me. These videos are significant, I humbly say.

    In these videos I absolutely and unequivocally prove that the Apollo moon landing footage is manufactured on Earth through extensive analysis of falling objects and sand seen in the TV footage. However the complete analysis is far more involved than just that. I believe you will be impressed.

    The Presentation videos are YouTube and Vimeo upload-ready. I would also appreciate if you would post all of the video links provided below for download by anyone.

    I thank you.

    Presentation Videos:

    Make_Believe___part_one___MAIN_____.mp4 5.94 GB!0ghi0T7T!eqLYOfkdF1MMoLjEE8FyO_IMVOFsiOLwW3wFJlD9MWU

    Make_Believe___part_two___APPENDIX_.mp4 1.88 GB!U1QmGZ6D!zzpsHqGwsPTG1b1TcCqNAFUcKyjQHWXy0PvBEWc8JXQ

    TVcamera footage edits: 641.7 MB!lkByyZ7b!IUl6FxRHfTORfON50-k0yDgc8aMixcl_oq0rlcjKRyU 160.1 MB!A8BRmIAA!K4Zc0CURPahJvWvDbSYGteTHoqB4w9HsoC3XhFLLsNY 1.93 GB!4x4yjSzJ!KDH7XH36n7ntDcaRf4RBe8IUzdHFtbojnz2lFAEpvyQ 2.89 GB!xxwymArR!E_V83ZM2j4pEiIRYAvwqyt5Rt9WWVLUHGQnNz68BdtA 3.97 GB!E8w01BaC!uQdNiOIXhZ8ngSAA_PtTwaAfcAvILzHjef_REy5FFAc 4.10 GB!5wBSWIQY!kZGTHi00zNqf-QZ3uYmJlC06G-rry_aBiFApv9kkiU0

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