HAARP: Weapon of mass distruction or pure fiction? You decide

In 1993, he began working in Alaska (United States) HAARP, a science project on the terrestrial ionosphere. HAARP, which stands for “Research Programme of High Frequency Active Auroral”, aims to better understand the functioning of the transmission of radio waves in the range of the ionosphere, the upper atmosphere.

According to official reports, the project’s main objective is to expand the knowledge obtained to date on the physical and electrical properties of the Earth’s ionosphere. Thus, it would be possible to improve the functioning of various communication and navigation systems, both civilian and military (which generates mistrust in most knowledgeable HAARP).

To perform these studies, high frequency antennas HAARP sends waves to the ionosphere in order to heat it. So we study the effects of several interactions temperature and pressure conditions.

Why Alaska?

The creation of the facility was made possible through a partnership between the U.S. Air Force, The U.S. Navy and the University of Alaska. The latter was handpicked, thanks to the location: the ionosphere over Alaska is somewhat stable, which ensures a wider range of conditions for the studies.

Another factor that tilted so that the researchers chose Alaska is the absence of major cities nearby. So there is no noise in the capture of images and signals, because the sensors are located at the top of some mountains. There is also information that this site would suffer the least environmental impact among the candidates receiving areas HAARP.

Ionosphere: more ions and ions.

This band gets its name because it is very ionized, ie, loses and gains electrons easily, which leaves her in constant electrical load. The great agent ionizer ionosphere is the sun, which radiates much load toward the Earth, meteorites and cosmic rays but also greatly influence the presence of ions.

Image source: Wikipedia

The density of free ions is variable and presents changes according to various temporal patterns, time of day and season are the main points of variation of the ionosphere. Another interesting phenomenon happens every 11 years, when the density of electrons and the composition of the ionosphere change dramatically and end up blocking any communication at high frequency.

Ionospheric reflection.

There wave frequencies that are almost completely reflected by the ionosphere when heated by HAARP antenna. The researchers intend to prove that HAARP this reflection can be used as a satellite to send information between locations, facilitating communications and also navigation, improving the GPS devices used today.

The problem is that we still do not know the actual properties of the ionospheric reflection. Furthermore, there is the fact that the properties of the ionosphere should alter at night, for example, when it increases the altitude and densities are lower. These variations make it difficult to standardize for sending waves, regardless of the length of them.

HAARP: a new way to study:

There are several ways to study the atmosphere of the tracks. For the lower layers, even balloons can be used to capture data on differences in natural conditions. The ozone layer, for example, to weather balloons is verified that perform measurements of rates that exceed radiation by the atmosphere.

Image source: HAARP

Why get much above weather balloons and satellites can not be used to perform measurements and analysis on the ionosphere. Why HAARP is so important, because it uses the most efficient way to contact the sector: antennas wave emission of very high frequency.

The results are used to understand how the sun influences the radio signal into several frequency bands. It is also used a “Ionospheric Heater”, known as “Ionospheric Research Instrument”, it transmits high frequencies to modify the ionosphere and understand the processes produced in its composition.

Image source: HAARP

The antennas Instrument Research emit signals for altitudes between 100 and 350 km Other devices of the same design are responsible for receiving signals, interpret them and allowing the creation of reports on the dynamics of ionospheric plasma and also about the interaction between planet and the sun.

Heating the ionosphere: risks?

HAARP is not the only ionospheric heater in the world. There is also a location in Norway and in Russia. They all perform the same procedure: use high frequency antennas to heat the ionosphere and create an artificial aurora.

Image source: HAARP

This artificial aurora is very hot, which can cause rise in temperatures in certain locations on the planet. In a sort of greenhouse ionospheric, places below the ionosphere affected by the HAARP antennas can have their temperatures a few degrees centigrade.

The other side of the coin: the conspiracies
Like much of what is produced under the tutelage of some of the U.S. armed forces, HAARP also generates a lot of mistrust on the part of conspiratorial minds. Global threat or just improvements in communication technologies? Check out the conspiracy theories that surround this project.

Geophysical weapon: a Russian withdrawal

And not all of these theories arise from independent movements. The proof came in 2002, when the Russian parliament presented to then President Vladimir Putin vehemently documents claiming that the United States would be producing a new device capable of interfering in the entire planet, from isolated points.

The report said that HAARP would be a new transition in the defense industry, which has passed through phases of weapons, firearms, weapons nucleareas, biological weapons and then come to the level of geophysical weapons. According to these theories, it would be possible to control plate tectonics, atmospheric temperature and even the level of radiation that passes through the ozone layer.

All these possibilities can generate a lot of problems for the affected people. Achieving entire countries, natural disasters can undermine economies, decimating population concentrations and generate instability and insecurity throughout the earth.

Earthquake in Haiti

What would be the effects of frequency control on the tectonic plates? According to the Venezuelan press the answer is: earthquake. The newspaper “Live” says it obtained documents that prove the use of HAARP to manipulate geophysical Caribbean and cause earthquakes in Haiti, which killed more than 100 thousand people.

If you are wondering the reasons for choosing such a poor country, conspiracy theories also have the answer to this question. The United States needed a place to test the potential of their new weapon. Tests ocean did not give enough information and attack enemies in the Middle East would be commercial suicide.

After all, earthquakes could destroy oil wells very valuable. Thus, the U.S. government saw in Haiti, a country already devastated, the perfect target for their tests. Without economic potential and have no quarrels with other countries, there was hardly a diplomatic crisis with the destruction of Haiti.

Military blockade

Another theory says quite advocated that the United States could cause a complete military blockade to all other nations of the world. Disturbing the normal waves, preventing any frequency is reflected by the atmosphere and even that tracking devices may be used.

For this, the American defense only need to heat the ionosphere with their HAARP heaters. With the right power, the entire planet would be in complete darkness Geographic. So just who has control of the ionospheric heater could have access to location data and navigation of their military vehicles.

Also speaking on mapping the entire planet in just minutes, as the waves of extreme frequencies could create complete reports of all that exists in the earth’s surface. Elements alive or not, everything could be tracked by the waves of HAARP. At least that’s what they say conspiracy theories.

Mind control

There are radio waves at different frequencies, for more than sintonizemos our radios to catch them, they are in the air. The sound is also emitted in frequencies and amplitudes there them that human ears are not able to grasp, but that does not mean they do not exist. Adding these two points, we have another conspiracy theory.

Using a mix of radio waves with frequency noise, the United States could manipulate the collective mind for some ideal that was championed or some rival government was attacked. Sending information to the entire population at frequencies that can not be captured by devices not be long before the “brainwashing” was complete.

Some say that this kind of manipulation will be used soon in Iran The current government is not favorable to U.S. policies, so it would be advantageous to the people rebelled against their leaders. Messages antigovernment be instilled in the minds of the Iranian people with the help of HAARP antenna.

Note on conspiracy theories

Remember that these theories originate from sources that often have no concrete information about the subject matter. Therefore, the use of them in this article has illustrative purposes and should not be treated with absolute truths.

Pure fiction?

In the cartoon GI Joe: Resolute, the HAARP program is captured by villains who want to turn the project into a potential weapon of mass destruction. Besides the damage that we cite in conspiracy theories, this story turned up the antennas also in energy cannons.

Sending huge amounts of energy into the ionosphere, which reflected all the energy, the villains could stop anywhere on the planet, just aiming and focusing the power of the energy very high frequency antennas located in Alaska.

When speaking in the real world, everything that has concrete about HAARP is that studies are done constantly on the terrestrial ionosphere so that it can be transformed into an antenna for transmitting information, benefiting communications and navigation systems.

But is it only for that investment billionaires U.S. government are being used? Never were revealed concrete data on the money used in the project, but there is speculation that more than 200 million dollars a year are spent with the HAARP antennas.


What do you think about all this? Could it be that the intentions of the U.S. government are based on studies of the benefits of the ionosphere for communications or is that just an excuse for geophysical research on weapons? Leave a comment telling what you think about this powerful project located in Alaska.

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