Accident in a nuclear power plant French

Two people were injured in the accident in a light chemical nature took place this afternoon in the nuclear plant’s oldest French park, to Fessenheim in the region of Strasbourg (eastern France).

According to EDF, which operates nuclear power plants in France, the incident has been resolved. “Two people were slightly burned despite the use of gloves,” said a spokesman for the French energy group, according to which it was an inconvenience when handling a chemical, hydrogen peroxide, known as hydrogen peroxide . “There was a fire,” confirmed the local prefecture, according to which “there was a leak of vapor hydrogen peroxide produced after a tank was injected peroxide, which reacted with the water.” Fifty firefighters are still in place.

The office is located in the department of Haut-Rhin in the Alsace region, south of Strasbourg. It ‘just a few miles from the Rhine which forms the border between France and Germany and about sixty miles from the Swiss border.

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