Pacific Northwest Off-Coast Spraying

The assault on the planet and all of us continues.  This satellite photo is typical for what now occurs day in and day out in the North Pacific and elsewhere over the oceans in addition to what can be seen intermittently over land masses.

They are shutting out our flow of moisture and shredding the ozone layer. The toxic particulates blow inland for us all to inhale. Those that think the spraying hasslowed or stopped are sadly mistaken and missing the larger picture. They have only altered the “experiment”.

The relentless heat in the US west is likely connected to HAARP facilities (there are now multiple installations globally) as the jet stream patterns and stationary high pressure zones which continue to be extremely unusual and unnatural.
If we all work together, perhaps we may yet be able to expose and bring to a halt this most insidious crime against all that lives and
breaths. Are collective futures very likely depend on it. Short of nuclear catastrophe, there is no greater or more immediate threat to us all.


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