American psychological warfare

Can a lie, or rather, a series of lies, lead the people of a country to be complicit in waging war on the world? Well, apparently, it can, as in the case of 9/11!

“Official” stories, the mainstream media’s depictions of the events, before, during, and after, led the American people to believe that “terrorists” were responsible for an attack on our nation and our moral imperative was to put an end to “evil,” responding with an all-out, no-holds-barred “War on Terror.”

Further, the acts having occurred on American soil and directed against her people, left much of the population awestruck and vulnerable.

Our perilous leaders were thus able to step up as our stalwart defenders to take the offensive in mobilizing troops, and in our collective best interest, to institute “Homeland Security” measures.

Yet, when the dust cleared; the debris was removed (post-haste); the dead mourned for and buried; the devils in disguise, unmasked; and a whole country targeted for invasion and ultimately, destruction; after eleven years, there are still lingering doubts and laments.

The loss of so many lives, cause of immense, national sorrow, was answered with twisted timelines, less-than rapid response, questionable official accounts, and lack of transparency and accountability; leaving a gaping wound in the hearts of many Americans.

The hole left by this wound to the collective soul of America is large enough to fly a jet into and have no visible residue of such; resulting in a resounding call from the American people for the Truth.

Instead, inquiries have been answered with more lies or deflections aimed at the “evil-doers,” leaving many patriots skeptical. Searching for truths, many have “conspired” in an effort to know: What really happened on that fateful day in September?

It is our civic duty, a moral obligation, and right guaranteed us, as citizens of the United States of America, under the First Amendment, to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So it is that I join the conspiracy theorists in critical analysis of heinous acts perpetrated by our Government against all of humanity, and a rational consideration of the instruments used to manipulate and control the American people as accomplices, however unknowing, in a “Global Domination Project.”

The atrocities of war crimes committed in “defense of freedom” for the people of this nation in perpetual “Wars on Terror” are indefensible.

Yet, the military apparatus of the global capitalist machine continues, unabated.

As words like genocide, torture, “disappearances,” gang-rape, expropriation of natural resources, and the murder of over one hundred million civilians in Iraq seem to appear routine forms of expression that slip through our mass consciousness without qualm or question, one must surely ponder: How does this happen?

Do the people of America know what’s happening around the globe for the sake of their freedoms, and do they care? These are important questions, and deserve the utmost care in consideration; as we may each be judged and held accountable, individually and collectively, as Americans.

Measures have been implemented and maintained to manipulate and control the minds, bodies, and spirits of the American people.

Psychological warfare and the “strategy of tension” have been applied right here in our sovereign nation.

Neo-conservative interventions as counter-revolutionary tools, building solidarity around a nationalist agenda, and group-mind social-political tactics are all interwoven into the American cultural arena such that they appear to be just a natural progression of thought processes.


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