Killed U.S. ambassador to Libya, Obama sends marines

The response from Washington and ‘hard, they speak of” act” outrageous, and above all, at least 200 Marines who are traveling to Libya, as well as other units’ elite, called to ensure security in Tripoli and Benghazi, as in Afghanistan and Egypt.


Shocked, the U.S. President Barack Obama, who just yesterday had remembered the victims of the Twin Towers, he promised that” will ‘justice done” but that the ties between the United States and Libya” not break” . The U.S., however, does not unbalance the moment of the attack on the matrix: White House sources were limited to talk about “an attack clearly complex,” without mentioning al Qaeda.

Meanwhile announced the withdrawal from Libya across the U.S. personnel, while investigations are on the field CIA and FBI, in close coordination with the authorities’ Libya. Everything ‘began with the protest for a film anti-Mohammed already’ yesterday had triggered protests in Cairo, with violent demonstrations resulted in the assault the embassy in the Egyptian capital, seasoned with slogans such as” Osama bin Laden rest in peace ”. But coinciding with the anniversary of September 11 can not ‘remain a mere coincidence, nor’ nor the announcement ‘official’ of the death of Abu al-Libi, the al-Qaeda number two killed in June just yesterday Ayman al Zawahiri, bin Laden’s successor, decided to confirm.

The dynamics of the events in Benghazi and ‘still difficult to clarify: according to numerous accounts, a demonstration of’ peaceful ‘against the film about Mohammed and’ was an opportunity to create a real storm, with plenty of automatic weapons, RPG and heavy machine guns. The militants of Ansar al-Sharia, the ‘partisans of Islamic law’, the protagonists in recent months several episodes of intimidation and violence” have blocked all access roads to the U.S. headquarters, and said they wanted to kill all those who were inside,” said one witness, a member of a rebel brigade in charge of maintaining order in Benghazi.


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