Islam: Friday riots, attacks on embassies

The Muslim world is on fire, anger spreads: thousands of Muslims took to the streets today from North Africa to Southeast Asia, the first Friday prayers after the networking on Youtube of an offensive film about Muhammad, killed U.S. ambassador to Libya, died Tuesday night along with three Italians. The U.S. embassies were attacked a little ‘everywhere and the German and British embassies in Sudan.

Right here there were three of the seven deaths were on the ground in conflict – sometimes violent, in other milder – with security forces intervened to prevent looting and vandalism, and to stop the assaults with extensive use of tear gas and water cannons, but also shooting at eye level. In Tunisia, there have been two more victims and thirty wounded, some in critical condition. And then a young man lost his life in Cairo, Egypt, Tripoli in Lebanon while a person was killed on the day that Pope Benedict XVI, visiting the capital Beirut, calling for the triumph of peace and love on the war and on ‘hate.

In Khartoum, SUDAN, the German embassy was temporarily overrun by dozens of demonstrators were also able to rip the German flag, while the great mass has been locked out and was then started, in a furious march, to the U.S. embassy. Ten thousand poured into the compound but could not break through. And the British were able to defend their buildings, blocking remote fundamentalists waving the flags of fundamentalism blacks and burned – the cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ – U.S. and Israeli flags.

The other country heavily involved in angry demonstrations today was TUNISIA. Here too angry young are able to penetrate the walls of the U.S. embassy, ​​in spite of the security forces was shot even at eye level. Were rejected after only a few hours leaving behind dozens injured, two of which are then died in hospital. Meanwhile, the American school in Tunis had been set on fire and badly damaged.

Difficult the situation in Cairo, while the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi the President had withdrawn their earlier appeal to the streets throughout the EGYPT. Hundreds of people continued throughout the day to deal with the police, massively deployed to protect the American Embassy. And in the evening was found near a mosque in the body of a young man.

LEBANON man killed by the security forces had raided an American fast food in Tripoli, the second city of the country. Here, too, the wounded were in their thirties. In difficulty, after the four died yesterday, the authorities in Sanaa Yemeni forces have again intervened in with tear gas and water cannons, managing to keep the protesters at about 500 meters from the U.S. embassy. The situation is, however, very heavy, so much so that Washington, after sending marines and drones in Benghazi in Libya, announced the delivery of other marines to protect the Western installations in the Yemeni capital.

But the countries that have seen today the United States under attack with mass demonstrations ‘global’ were really many. In Iran, thousands of people gathered in Tehran, shouting ‘Death to America and’ Death to Israel ‘, in IRAQ thousands of Muslims marched in Basra chanting’ There is no freedom when you offend a billion Muslims. The continent of Africa has other demonstrations in MOROCCO, MAURITANIA, KENYA and NIGERIA but here the security forces maintained control of decision situations at risk. To Algeria, where the government has cut the root of the problem, prohibiting and preventing any type of gathering. In Asia, after IRAN has the largest protest saw ten thousand people in the streets in Dhaka, BANGLADESH: here also burned Israeli and American flags as well as angry slogans against “insults to our great prophet.” As in many cities PAKISTAN, INDONESIA in Jakarta or in INDIA, Madras, where 86 people were arrested as they marched towards the U.S. consulate, and in AFGHANISTAN.

The United States will ensure access to justice those responsible for all the attacks against them. It ‘s the warning that President Barack Obama has launched in the funeral discourse held before the coffins of the four fallen American assault on Tuesday against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi (Libya) on Tuesday. “All governments – also warned Obama – are obligated to protect our diplomats in their countries.”


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