Usa: psychopathic traits in presidents

 According to a study ‘tendency to dominate’ unites leaders and psychopaths, from JFK to Bush
From JFK to George W. Bush, from Theodore Roosevelt to Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan through Andrew Jackson: there is’ a new factor – just discovered by scholars of the prestigious Emory University in Atlanta – common to these and other American presidents.

In spite of political choices and different walks of life, all of them convidono traits of personality ‘so strong, extreme, sometimes incapable of remorse and self-criticism of the typical profiles of psychopaths.

The research carried out on the basis of surveys of more ‘than 100 historians, biographers of the White House, university professors has tested the psychological sequelae personality’, the intelligence and behavior of 42 ‘first citizens’ Union. Compared the findings with the ability ‘demonstrated leadership and with the manual of psychiatry.

Result, according to the report titled ‘Domination without fear and the U.S. presidency: implication of personality’ with psychopathic traits for a successful policy ledership ‘: the tendency to” dominate” the absence of fear, immunity’ anxiety, narcissism accompanied by an innate talent and extraordinary seduction and story-telling are the characteristics of many ‘commander in chief’ Union, which also belong to psychopathic characters.


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