United States evacuate two embassies

NEW YORK – The U.S. embassy in Tunis and evacuate Khartoum and ordered to families and non-essential personnel to leave. And the American people asked to leave Tunisia on scheduled and still advise against travel to that country and in Sudan.

The alarm of the Department of State arrives in a day of relative calm in the countries of the Arab Spring after violent protests in recent days against the anti-Islam film. Unrest that will test U.S. diplomacy and President Barack Obama.

The administration – according to rumors in the press – believes that “the violent protests in Muslim countries may portend a prolonged crisis with unpredictable consequences diplomatic and political.” The tension can be seen dall’allerta State Department. “All the staff non-emergency U.S. government in Tunisia must start after the attacks embassy in Tunis,” reads a note.

Families and non-essential personnel should also leave Khartoum. Americans, in general, is not recommended to travel in Tunisia and Sudan. For Obama protests are the most serious foreign policy crisis of the election season and analysts feed the questions about his political principles in the Middle East, stirring doubts about the management of the Arab Spring and the adequacy of the administration’s response to safety concerns . According to some observers, Obama was not able to find the right balance between supporting democracy in the Muslim world and protect American interests in a strategic region, the Middle East, where authoritarian governments have been replaced by pro-Islam parties, some of which enemies the United States. The administration rejects the criticism, highlighting how Obama has managed to improve the U.S. position in the Muslim world. “We have come a long way in demonstrating that the United States is not at war with Islam,” said Benjamin Rhodes, the national security adviser. “It ‘s clear that challenges remain in the Arab world.”


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