Occupy Wall St. is one year old today siege on the Stock Exchange

Occupy Wall Street is one year old. And the first celebration, in view of the announced major event on Monday ‘to block the New York Stock Exchange, are reflected in the first arrests: At least 25 people were detained by police during the demonstration yesterday in New York from Washington Square towards Zuccotti Park, which has been for months the headquarters of the movement.


The peaceful protest group known for the slogan “we are the 99%” was accompanied by anti-capitalist banners, including “if you see that capitalism kills, say,” and chants such as “banks were saved, we we were sold. “Events are scheduled tomorrow, birthday, and in thirty cities, though more is expected in New York, where Occupy Wall Street will attempt to surround and besiege the New York Stock Exchange to block or at least slow down access.

The organizers expect even ‘arrests’ peaceful bankers that will be surrounded by a human cord until the police arrive. Dozens of people are reaching New York to attend the event but the movement seems to have lost the momentum, especially in the Big Apple since Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned access and overnight in nearby Zuccotti Park. Taxation which made it difficult to organize Occupy Wall Street, facilitating the dispersion. The material obstacles, such as lack of a place of meeting, and were later joined other problems. Among all, according to observers, the fact that the movement has grown too much, too fast, without a leader and without specific requests.


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