Vortex Photogenic Plastic

The “Plastic Vortex”, the “plastic soup”, the “Great Pacific Garbage area,” the “Vortex garbage” or “eighth continent”. “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” or GPGP English.Well, another thing I just discovered its existence. And, thanks to our visit to the Maritime Museum of Busan, South Korea.

What is it? In a huge plate waste 700 000 km2 which floats in the North Pacific .Awesome. It was first discovered in 1993 by American oceanographer Charles Moore.Since its size has more than doubled. It has now reached the surface of the state of Texas. wastes which constitute 80% are of terrestrial origin, the remaining 20% come from ships, they are all together in this “Great plate” by currents Pacific.

In reality, there are two large plates, “Is Plaque” between Hawaii and the USA, and the “Western Plaque” between Hawaii and Japan.

The two plates of plastic Vortex
Busan Maritime Museum

Greenpeace has made an animation to show the movement of waste from the dimensions to the “soup” is quite disturbing:


According to Greenpeace , about 100 million tons of plastic produced each year, about 10% end up in the oceans. And 70% of venture plastics at sea while the rest flows fleet, sailing with the currents …

Waste collection on “Plastic Vortex”

Quite logically, all those wonderful plastic and other toxic waste causing terribleconsiderable damage to the marine environment . They are the direct cause of the death of hundreds of thousands of animals each year. They are eaten by marine animals such as turtles mistake them for jellyfish , one of their favorite foods. Found everywhere on the internet pictures of birds, fish and marine mammals died after swallowing plastic waste.

Awareness campaign
“Ye see the difference. A turtle, no. ‘
Trombino plastic

But one thing that has me even more challenged in this case, it is the false representation of “Plastic Vortex” that have people who know the existence … of an island, an island of waste on which people and animals can  walkwill fail. importantly disappointment that comes with the discovery of the truth: not only is not an island, nor, still less a “continent” but also the “Great Garbage Patch” is not photogenic. At all. You take a photo, and you can not see shit.

Vortex invisible plastic …
Miriam Goldstein, SCRIPPS

Goldstein is a doctoral student in oceanography and popularizer. The Deep Sea News blog, she writes a lot about it. Tells how people are surprised at his lectures when it shows the “pictures” of the Vortex, like above. And disappointed. So much so that she is afraid that the public is not interested in the subject, minimizes. Island Waste not, not spectacular, then, why be interested … Miriam Goldstein is worried :

So When I Heard there was not one, order two upcoming graphic novels about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and That Depicted Both the patch as a giant floating island, I confess That I was a bit Overcome with despair. I’ve Spent so much time and energy trying to fight communication the misconception of the floating trash island. Why did artists choose to portray thesis it like that?

“So when I hear that there is not one, but two comics that are coming out about the Plastic Vortex, and they are both like a giant floating island, I confess that I despair . I spent so much time and energy to communicate to try to combat this misconception of a floating island of waste. Why do these artists have chosen to depict like that? ‘

And as it says in the comments section:

It’s a big enough problem as it is, and does not need to be embellished to APPEAR Any worse.

“This is already a big enough problem like that, no need to add embellishing. ‘

You see nothing, you can continue to act as if nothing had happened …

However, the problem is real and we must assume our responsibilities. Waste plastics do not degrade. Then minimize our use of plastic.


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