China: Records of miscarriages through advertising

SHANGHAI – A recent government report revealed a strong increase in abortions in China, especially among the very young and in general among unmarried women.

Following this the China News Service, one of the major Chinese news agencies, conducted a survey which found that the phenomenon is at least in part to the ease with which the girls may resort to an abortion, even at very content and therefore affordable to all.

The research has brought to light such as near major universities in the country abound leaflets on places where you can enjoy an abortion in an anonymous, quick and “painless”. “These advertisements – told the media a student at the University of Nanchang, in Jiangxi Province – are found everywhere, in the classrooms, dormitories, canteens”.

Posing as a student, a journalist Cns she went to the gynecological ward of a hospital in Nanchang. After a short talk with a health, she was told that he could have an abortion safely and without risk paying 480 yuan (about 50 euro) if he booked online within the next 56 days.

Min Qinghua, deputy director of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Nanchang, said that this type of advertising abortions easy to end can easily deceive women and make them think about the risks and dangers of abortion. “Nowadays, more and more people suffer from infertility and sterility – said Dr. Min – and one of the main reasons is that women blindly trust and are not afraid of surgery which is abortion as such is never risk-free “.

The report of the CNS, with the costs, then found as the price shown on the ads, usually around 360 to 480 yuan (40 to 50 euro), never corresponds to the final required as it does not cover other expenses as in anesthesia and drugs so in the end the real price to perform an abortion rarely exceeds 1000 yuan (over 100 €).


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