Vaccines: Italy bans Novartis flu pending tests

The Italian health ministry said on Wednesday that it had imposed an immediate ban on the sale and use of four anti-influenza drugs produced by Swiss drugs group Novartis pending tests on possible side-effects.

The ban applied to the following Novartis drugs: Agrippal, Fluadand subunit Influpozzi and adjunvated Influpozzi.

The ministry said it advised citizens not to buy or use the drugs until further notice.

It said the Italian Pharmaceutical Agency had decided that further tests on the products may be necessary following indications of possible side effects and said Health Minister Renato Balduzzi was following the case closely.

Vaccines are prohibited “AGRIPPAL; Influpozzi subunit; Influpozzi adjuvanted; Fluad, produced by Novartis. AIFA,” based on the documentation submitted by the company, has established the need for further verification of the quality and safety of themselves, since these could present an increased reactogenicity, ie the capacity to induce side effects and adverse reactions. The Minister of Health, Renato Balduzzi, is closely following the situation. “


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