Brazilian Tribe Threatens Mass Suicide Over Stolen Land

By JG Vibes

The battle for indigenous land in North America has long since been lost by the natives who have legitimate property rights to the land.

However, in South America, the battle is still raging strong.

Just last week construction on Brazil’s new dam project, Belo Monte, was halted a second time because roughly 150 demonstrators, most of them from nearby indigenous tribes, occupied the main construction site at Pimental.

Now in a totally unrelated situation, another indigenous tribe is threatening to commit a mass suicide over their stolen land.

According to the Daily Mail ” Judge Henrique Bonachela upheld a petition made by the ranch’s owner to have the tribe evicted from the land.  He decreed a fine of £150 for every day the tribe remains on the land, on the banks of Brazil’s Joguico River.

A spokesman for the tribe today said they do not intend to fight the judge’s decision but would rather die on the land than be made to leave.  And in a letter the tribe called on the Brazilian government to respect their wishes to be buried there along with their ancestors.”

It read:

‘Because of this historic fact, we would prefer to die and be buried together with our ancestors right here where we are now.  ‘We ask, one time for all, for the government to decree our extinction as a tribe, and to send tractors to dig a big hole and there to throw our dead bodies.  ‘We have all decided that we will not leave this place, neither alive nor dead.’

It is important to note that the current “owners” of this property did not acquire this property justly, and even if they did, whoever they acquired it from had to have stolen it from the natives to begin with.

As i explained in my essay on indigenous property rights and 3rd world labor conditions ”local governments sell or give away land that they do not rightly own to larger governments.

Those larger governments then become the sole holders of property in the area, and begin to set up their own factories.  Since most of the usable land has been stolen by these groups, the factories that spring up in the area will have an unnatural advantage that will result in the establishment of a monopoly.

This leaves the people who had their land stolen with only 2 options, work for the monopoly and have a terrible life, or live on a reservation style wasteland and live a horrible life.  This is an absolutely sickening predicament that has no place in a civilized world, but it is so important to reiterate, that this is not a natural situation, this is not the result of freedom, or of a free market.

Quite the opposite, this situation has come about as a result of state violence and a primitive disrespect for property rights.”

As of right now the community of 50 men, 50 women and 70 children from the Guarani-kaiowa tribe are camped inside a ranch in Brazil’s southern state of Mato Grosso do Sul, and are refusing to leave the property alive.

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