Obama’s lies and the secret CIA base in Benghazi

In Benghazi there was a basic “secret” of the CIA, which had various operational, the ‘annex’, about 1 km from the U.S. embassy, where they were led officials of the building after the September 11 attack.

Writes the Washington Post published a detailed account of the agency sull’assalto in Langley that killed the ambassador Chris Stevens, two former Navy Seal and an official. The structure was created in the first phase of the revolt against Gaddafi.

Now that is a slogan the liberals would chant if the shoe was on the other foot. But the bottom line is why did Obama and his people lie about Libya? Was Obama afraid of Al-Qaeda?

The usual stuff is what’s hiding in the transcripts? The Donald will pay a fortune to find out. But what is hiding in those darn hills.Did Obama think he would lose the election if the truth was known about the Al-Qaeda attack. If he lied about Libya without any hesitation, what else has he lied about?

The story about Libya is quite scary. The story seems to be changing every day. As I recall first it was just a plain vanilla demonstration that is normal in Libya. Obama claimed it was all about the movie. Well, actually about the trailer… not sure anyone has seen the movie. They locked up the author for a parole violation.

So it’s hard to imagine that Hillary and Obama have set a certain standard or rules of engagement. I get the feeling we are sitting on a powder keg that can blow at any moment. So instead of protecting the Ambassador and his staff, they reduce the security. Twice I believe it was stated. If they couldn’t protect them, Obama should have gotten them out of there! Maybe Obama was too busy… Campaigning!But now we find out it was all about a planned attack. This attack went on for hours. And there was a call for help and the help came too late. The help was told to stand down.

So we have to ask Why? The only reason that I can come up with is the liberal mindset. They actually thought that if they were well protected it would invite trouble. Duh, that didn’t work out too well. I guess they never heard the speeches by President Reagan. The best way to prevent confrontation is to have an army that is so superior, no one would dare to confront the United States.

Well, Obama and Hillary must have been absent that day. Don’t keep an unsecured Ambassador in Libya on 911.

Alright, we can understand that Obama and Hillary do not have a good track record with confrontation. Heck, she knew for a decade that Billy Bob was sexually harassing women, but it was best to look the other way and go after the female accusers when necessary.

But there was a call for help in Benghazi and the help was told to stand down. Watergate was a big thing. It was about a photograph. Nobody died, at least physically. But in the Libyan scandal we know that 4 Americans died. The most important question is, if the United States answered the first call for help would there be more dead al-Qaeda and no Americans killed!

Obama was against the war in Iraq and in favor of the war in Afghanistan. It is great to be hiding in the White house while the SEALs assassinated Osama. It is ok to take credit for something Obama had no part of. But is that the Obama doctrine?

The Bush Doctrine was if you mess with us, we will make you pay many times over. But what is the Obama Doctrine.? Would you be my friend if I look weak and cooperative. If our people call for help in the middle of a campaign, we don’t want to look like the aggressor in a Muslim country that has a crap load of Al-Qaeda terrorists within its borders.

And when in doubt, just lie. There is ample proof that Obama knew within an hour of the attack that it was a terrorist attack. There were no people in the situation room. Instead they were singing Kumbaya at the campaign stops.

Where’s Michael Moore? He should have a movie out there by now. I have a title for him. Where was Obama when the Americans were dying on American soil in Libya?

Obama is quick to file lawsuits against other states. Obama was quick to sign almost a thousand executive orders. Obama is quick to make speeches. But Obama was not there when we needed him most. Where was Obama when it was time to protect the ambassador?

The ambassador thought help would come. He hid in the smoke filled room. Help never came. Unconsciousness came instead.

Why wouldn’t an ambassador in a place like Libya be protected by the most and the best. There were no apologies. The usual rhetoric about we will get to the bottom of this. We will get those responsible. I think Obama should look in the mirror.

Is there any way we can blame this on President Bush. We actually can. Most of Obama’s successes have come from policies instituted by the Republicans. So it’s President Bush’s fault because he did not foresee that we would have an ambassador in Libya at a time like this.

Obama should know that even an embassy in Denmark is so well equipped that it can hold off an army for a long period of time until help arrives. That is in Denmark! And Obama had no security in Libya. They were told to stand down until the ambassador was almost dead!

Obama was asleep at the switch. He failed to protect America. Just like Clinton it appears that the terrorists have grown again. Maybe a change in leadership will do the terrorists some good.

The Obama doctrine is a failure. It is time for a change before more Americans die at the hands of Al-Qaeda. Killing Osama and bragging about it every day globally is a great way to piss off our enemies.

I think we have had enough of this Obama Doctrine. It is much better to be proud to be an American! What do you think?  Do you think we can be safe with the Obama Doctrine for another 4 years?

2 responses to “Obama’s lies and the secret CIA base in Benghazi

  1. by the way, in Benghazi there is no embassy only a compound of a houses which is not even a consulate that means the security was normal no bullet proof windows etc. The American Embassy is only in Tripoli, which is secure in the manor of the American way of secure.

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