Greece goes deep in austerity measures

With 153 votes in favor of the greek parliament approved shortly after midnight local the expected package of austerity measures considered by the troika (EU, ECB and IMF) necessary to grant Greece another tranche of aid from 31.5 billion euro and “save the country from bankruptcy”

The austerity package – as expected – has passed with very few votes above the minimum majority is 151 votes of the 300 seats in Parliament. The votes against were 128 and 18 abstentions. In the classroom, there were 299 members.

Meanwhile, scenes of urban warfare occurred in the center of Athens to protest against the new austerity measures, by throwing Molotov cocktails, tear gas and, for the first time, the police water cannons against demonstrators. In a country paralyzed for the second day in a row by a general strike, nearly 100,000 Greeks under a rain at times swing invaded central Athens Syntagma square in front of the Parliament, protesting loudly against the almost certain approval expected in the overnight package of austerity measures sought by the Troika

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