Open shelters in Tel Aviv, new raids on Gaza

The sirens rang out again this morning in Tel Aviv in third day of Israeli air strikes on Gaza while another rocket fired by Hamas fell into the sea without causing victims in the Israeli town were reopened shelters public after 21 years. The last time was in 1991, when Tel Aviv was targeted by Iraqi Scud missiles.

Meanwhile continue unabated Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli army ordered the recall of 16 thousand reservists: “An act of land in Gaza approaches,” said Army Radio this morning at dawn. Egyptian President Bites thundered against the attacks as “an attack against humanity.” And this morning his prime minister, Hisham Kandil, visited for about three hours in the Gaza Strip where he went officially to express solidarity with the people of Gaza and to help.

But the goal was also to work to promote a truce between Palestinian factions and Israel. For the duration of the visit, Israel said it had suspended at the request of Egypt, every military operation on Gaza Strip as long as they did not arrive in that time frame, other missiles. A statement from contested Gaza as reported by Al Arabiya site – which quoted security sources in the Gaza Strip – Israel would, however, continued with the raid: in Jabalya in the northern Gaza killed two Palestinians would.

In the last hours, however, were fired from Gaza into Israel sixty rockets. The budget ‘column cloud’ marks for now at least 20 deaths on the Palestinian side and three from the Israeli from around the world are increasing calls for moderation and expressions of concern.

The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton said that Hamas attacks (“totally unacceptable”) shall cease and that Israel’s response must be proportionate. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “Israel has the right and duty to protect its people” and that there is “no justification for firing rockets into Israel.”

From Ankara – despite the frost fell on bilateral relations for two years – the turkish deputy Bulent Arinc suggested the Jewish state to initiate a dialogue to end the crisis. Arinc said that Turkey and Israel “should start conversations on this point at least, to put an end to this tragedy and to attack.


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