Civil war may come to America


Americans were stunned last week, coming to the startling reality that citizens from all 50 states, over 1 million signatories, thus far, have petitioned their state to secede from the union, with at least seven states, as of Sunday, having the 25,000 signatures necessary to officially force a White House response.

It’s not something many Americans want to think about, however. The thought that theUnited States of America would ever be in a position of having to deal with multiple states enacting their right under the 10th amendment to the United States Constitution, to secede from the union, is about as unthinkable as imagining Hitler coming back to life and continuing on with his plans for a “New World Order.” What’s more, what would have to be happening in the country that would make so many Americans feel compelled to make such a desperate decision? Is it as simple as conservatives and libertarians not being comfortable with a man of color being in the White House?

Every American that pays even a little attention to politics knows there is a fairly deep divide among Americans with regard to political philosophy. After it became evident that Obama’s promises of hope and change were not actually going to be fulfilled as was once promised and as it becomes evident that his administration’s primary goals were to create bigger government with more and more regulation and control, the divide between the left and right in the country has no place to go but further and further apart. Entitlement and personal responsibility have never been at greater odds and conservatives and libertarians couldn’t be more uncomfortable about the circumstances than they are today, but it’s not quite clear as to whether or not racism has that much to do with it.

Many have tried to argue that race plays a part in America’s growing insecurities but even the most staunch Southern conservative was generally happy that America was able to get over the hump with regard to finally electing a person of color as president and very few were thinking about seceding from the union in 2008 after Obama was elected the first time. Although racial tensions may end up becoming a slight issue, considering the liberal media is practicallyguaranteed to discuss the issue of race while asking the question of whether or not white conservatives are upset that Obama was able to win a second term after such a heavily contested election in 2012, the fact is the problems Americans face go much deeper than the media is willing to discuss and easily transcends any problems racial issues could possibly create as a result of a second Obama term.

Americans, in general, are well aware that the economy has not been doing so well over the past decade and continues to worsen. The middle-class, an absolute necessity if there is to be a robust and vibrant economy, is on the brink of collapse and no one on Capitol Hill is willing to admit the country is broke and about to go bankrupt. Even some of the most optimistic economists in the country have started to become worried as precious metals continue to skyrocket, an age-old sign of a fledgling economy and a failing monetary unit. Additionally, there is still talk of another downgrade in the US credit rating, scores of Americans are out of work and tens of millions have simply given up in their search for employment, despite “official” numbers pretendingunemployment to only be around 8%.

As poverty continues to grow to record levels, more and more Americans have become dependent on government welfare than at any time in the history of the country. The debt-based monetary system created by the Federal Reserve act of 1913 has proven unsustainable asthe deindustrialization of America has made it impossible to support the debt created with every dollar produced by the private, for-profit federal reserve system and the centralbanking cartels that run it. Since the Federal Reserve’s inception, the past 100 years has seena 95% or more reduction in the value of the dollar, with no real fix on the horizon. Americans have, bare minimum, become privy to the fact that there is a growing disparity between the haves and have-nots and as the poor continue to get poorer, the rich continue to get richer.

Quantitative easing, otherwise known as simply creating money out of thin air, is giving way to skyrocketing inflation. The recent announcement that the “easing” will be continuing indefinitely is only going to make matters worse. Americans will soon have no choice but to continue paying higher and higher prices for things many can barely afford to pay for now as more money printed out of thin air continues to cause a devaluation in the dollar. Both sides, of what is becoming more and more a one-party system, also continue to squeeze more and more taxes out of those that are fortunate enough to have a job and, despite what differences they may pretend to have in front of a camera, Washington politicians always continue unsustainable spending at the detriment of the American people and the deficit. One side refuses to budge on military spending while the other side refuses to budge on welfare spending and neither side is ever truly willing to compromise and find a real way to cut spending and reduce the deficit. As a result, the debt continues to skyrocket and, to make matters worse, both sides continue to support “bailouts” for Wall Street and the corporate elite as if the poor and middle class no longer matter. “Trickle-down” style economics has never worked and it never will.

If that weren’t bad enough, scandal after unimaginable scandal continues to rock Capitol Hill. If it’s not another disgusting pages, interns, airport bathroom or adultery sexual scandal, it’s afalse flag terror attack, an Iran-Contra, Fast and Furious or Benghazi-style situation that seems to happen every other month, resulting in another or multiple individuals deaths. Even if you believe the conspiracy theory that is the official version of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that eventhe 9/11 commissioners themselves don’t fully buy into, there still has yet to be anyone held accountable for what they may or may not have done to help prevent the attacks from occurring. With no accountability in sight, for almost anything prior or since, the United States Congress continues to hover around the lowest approval rating in the country’s relatively short history. Despite this, Congress isn’t satisfied until they’ve also squeezed the last little bit of liberty out of the public with as many regulations as they can possibly impose.

Not too long ago it was also deemed corporations are people. Since then, unimaginable amounts of money have been spent by corporations to swing elections in favor of politicians that will support those corporations once they’re elected. Wall Street spent more money in presidential election history getting Barack Obama elected in 2008 and, in return, Americans paid the price as Obama returned the favor by handing trillions in “bailouts” back to the Wall Street banking cartels. During the 2012 presidential election, more records were broken as billions of dollars were spent by Wall Street on both candidates, supposedly from either side of the aisle, but ended up being more similar than any two candidates have been in the history of presidential elections. Regardless of who may have been elected, the same basic policies would continue to be implemented and very little would have truly changed. In addition, lobbyists have far more power and much more say than the American people have ever had and at no time in the history of the United States have the people had less of a voice or have less representation than they have today.

The military-industrial complex has also grown to historically out-of-control proportions. According to most, America has attempted to become the policeman of the world and, despite a worsening economic situation, Americans continue to fund the biggest and most expensive military campaign in the history of mankind. Since 9/11/01, US citizens have allowed its government to overstep previously unmovable American morals, such as violating the Geneva conventions, and now preemptively strike nations that represent no real danger to national security… Even admitted to by Obama during his 2008 campaign. And since Americans have yet to demand real change in Washington, real change in Washington is not going to happen, until they do. Thanks to legislation like the “Patriot” Act, the NDAA and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, for the first time Americans are now seeing US troops on the streets and cannot travel by air without being stolen from and sexually molested by government workers, known as the TSA, now unionized and virtually impossible to get rid of. At no time since 1776 have the people been less free than they are today.

American citizens can also now be arrested and indefinitely detained without cause andpossibly assassinated if only “assumed” they may be a so-called “terrorist.” At the same time, in the name of a war on an ideology (terror), spreading so-called “democracy” around the world and in countries that are largely unable to defend themselves, literal millions of innocent men, women and children have died at the hands of the US military and allied forces.Unimaginable, humanitarian atrocities have been enacted by American soldiers overseas and it is impossible to assume that this situation will make us more safe, either now or in the future,either physically or economically. It is very safe to assume Americans will see some form of retaliation, otherwise known as “blowback,” as a result of our over-the-top foreign-policy. Which can only serve to create a vicious cycle of war, death and destruction. As a result of being a complacent and entitled society that has little care for the humanitarian issues caused by its lack of concern for what happens to innocent people at the hands of our military, Americans are creating animosity around the world and are now seen by many cultures as a true tyrannical and unapologetic force that needs to be stopped.

Government is now so out of touch with the American people and has gotten so out of hand that federal policing agencies will raid and shut down raw milk producers and even the Amish have been targeted by tyrannical and unnecessary force and restrictions. Sick people and the terminally ill can be arrested for simply using natural substances, like marijuana, for temporary and sometimes permanent relief from their symptoms with almost no harmful side effects. Illegal and unconstitutional roadside checkpoints are being set up by local policing agencies across the country for revenue generation and general citizen intimidation and citizens are being pulled over and searched without reasonable cause. People in some areas of the country can be issued thousands of dollars in fines and spend multiple years in prison for simply washing their cars. People are being SWAT-teamed for refusing to drug their kids or for having vegetable gardens in their yards. People in many states can be fined and imprisoned for simply collecting rainwater on their own properties. A man was recently tazed by a police officer for spraying his house with a water hose while protecting it from a nearby fire. Police are getting away with assaulting and arresting people for filming them while in public, even if people arefilming from their own properties. A shirt with political speech can have you arrested, simply because the cop feels like it. The TSA can arrest you for wearing a fourth amendment T-shirt or reciting the fourth amendment during molestation. Having a Ron Paul bumper-sticker can now be cause for one being labeled a terrorist and can give police a legitimate reason to pull them over. Merely supporting a specific presidential candidate can have someone visited by the FBI. Children are now routinely arrested for roughhousing and simply doing things kids have always done and parents can now be targeted for merely allowing their children to play outside. The government can now spy on you, listen to your phone conversations, read your e-mail, break into your house and search your private property, arrest and detain you without probable cause, even torture you, all without a warrant and so many other examples of everyday circumstances that are giving way to an epic police state. It couldn’t be more obvious that Americans are routinely being trained to acquiesce to their further loss of liberties. Soon, there will be tens of thousands of spy drones hovering around the cities of America, peering through every window and watching your every move.

America’s law books are also dripping with victimless crimes, new criminal offenses are being regulated into law on almost a daily basis and America now enjoys the largest nonviolent prison population, per capita, in world history. To put it into perspective, it is currently a smart buy when purchasing stock in the private prison industry and the private security industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation and has been for decades. There’s never been a more persecuted people on the face of the earth and Americans are treated with such a general disdain and distrust by so-called “officials” that it now seems as though people are seen as guilty until proven innocent. People are now made to walk around on egg shells andpolice brutality cases are through the roof and getting worse every day. Rare are the days of a community-based peace officer and the growing federalization of the nation’s police forces have made way for the patrolling of the streets while commonly looking for any excuse to taze or shoot someone merely trying to survive the growing economic crisis. People have literally been left to feel lucky if they find themselves merely targeted for simple revenue generation. What was once a free and prosperous nation has now turned into an oppressive and aggressive militarized police state.

Meanwhile, those who help to build and support such a tyrannical system, on almost every level, are free to act with impunity, routinely subverting the Constitution and the rule of law. The daily headlines are filled with the names of both government and corporate officials, now virtually one in the same, who are caught committing everything from sex crimes against both adults and children to drug-related offenses to maiming and killing in cold-blood, largely getting away with doing almost anything they wish, all in the name of adhering to a strict code within “the brotherhood.” The average American citizen getting caught doing the very same things are almost guaranteed to receive much harsher penalties. While recent arrests and convictions of current and former law enforcement officials, for even some of the most heinous offenses, have seen some of the easiest penalties ever handed down to individuals that, one would think, should be held to the highest of standards. Government officials are now watching out for each other at unprecedented levels and are making sure they do everything they can to keep each other from getting in trouble as the culture of corruption continues to grow more widespread than at any time in the history of the nation.

Obesity rates in America continue to skyrocket as the overall health of the American people wanes, resulting from an ever-increasing environment inundated with toxins and pollutants. Extremely dangerous genetically modified foods (GMO’s) have already shown to be causing massive spikes in cancer rates and other health-related problems in the population. The pharmaceutical industry merely writes off the massive health problems, and hundreds of thousands of deaths, caused every year by dangerous pharmaceuticals, are chalked up as collateral damage and mere profit and loss as America suffers the devastation of an increasingly poisoned world. Corrupted government institutions like the FDA routinely allow food and bath product manufacturing companies, as just a few of thousands of examples, to saturate everyday items with harmful chemicals, colorants, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other additives that are so toxic they are literally breaking down immune systems and wreaking havoc on the body’s ability to fight disease and remain energetic and happy. Money rules the day as children and their parents are inundated with advertisements and propaganda about drug after unnecessary drug after unnecessary vaccine that, most of which, actually contain the potential formore side effects than fixes to the problem for which they were supposedly, originally intended. Along with a multi–billion dollar a year medical establishment that aims to merely mask the problem, rather than actually find a solution or cure, it’s no wonder why Western society is now, for the first time, seeing a reduction in life expectancy and an overall reversal of the growth in population is on the horizon. People are being used and treated like cattle while corporations and government officials run amok doing everything they possibly can to subvert the system and steal the wealth and the people’s health while enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.

What was once the people’s watchdog and protector of information, the roving band of individuals that were always out keeping a watchful eye on the everyday citizen and especially those that take oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution, are now just as much a part of the problem as they ever were the solution. Media monopolization, including the vast majority of Hollywood and almost every local and national TV and radio station in the entire country, is now owned by only four corporations, all working together behind the scenes in a desperate attempt to maintain the status quo. Despite the circumstances, more and more people are realizing that only the Internetgives one the ability to search for both national and local information without the filter of pro-establishment, government propagandists and talking heads that simply regurgitate the same tireless rhetoric that merely aims to maintain the fledgling system they have in place. Cleverly worded talking points and well scripted teleprompter programming, carefully adjusted to maintain the left/right paradigm, is playing on the primitive tribal instinct of the average person while keeping people in the dark about what’s actually unfolding behind the scenes and why such a tyrannical situation is playing out under America’s unsuspecting nose. Made to order racial division, scripted daily talking points, societal manipulation tactics and other divide and conquer techniques, on top of a government-run educational system that is quickly becoming one of the worst in the industrialized world, has created a society of some of the most unhealthy, angry, stressed, unprepared and uneducated people anywhere on the globe. A news media predicated on merely entertaining the people with bread and circus and an increasingly illegitimate educational system, that is barely able to keep people smart enough to merely operate the machines and work the books for the powers that be, has reduced the population down to an almost slave-like culture, barely able to maintain. A startling contrast to a society that used to be so rich in wealth and spirit. The average American citizen is far more adept at being able to name the starting lineup for their favorite sports franchise or who the contestants are in the latest American Idol or X factor series, but can barely tell you who their local or regional politicians are. Americans in general have been brainwashed into paying attention to everything but what’s most important, including doing their due diligence and becoming active in their local politics and fulfilling their civic duties and responsibilities. Merely voting once every four years in the general election is simply not enough.

The fact is, just based on the general public information that even the media is willing to discuss from time to time, people are starting to grow weary of just how out of control things have gotten. During the 2012 race for the Republican nomination, for instance, it was even reported in multiple mainstream newspapers and TV reports that massive voter fraud had taken place in almost every state in which Ron Paul had a chance of garnering momentum and public support. They did this for the purposes of making sure an anti-establishment politician like Ron Paul would never get the nomination and have a chance to make any real changes to the current state of affairs. Many people around the country, especially Ron Paul supporters, are well aware of just how corrupt the system has become and just how willing the establishment is to do everything they possibly can to subvert the political process in favor of establishment politicians that continue pandering to the elites and special interests that help them get elected.

Except for a rare, select few, many of America’s mainstream news reporters are also well aware of the circumstances but choose to continue regurgitating the politically correct talking points and overall reality falsehoods that has led to the current crisis, in order to either keep their jobs and/or maintain the general public perception that politicians like Ron Paul have no chance at winning. Mainly so the entire unsustainable political machine can carry on as long as possible, until it finally ends up crashing.

It’s very likely that the people already well aware of these circumstances represent the vast majority of the millions of individuals that have already signed on to a state secession petition since Obama’s reelection, regardless of whether or not they originally supported Ron Paul. But what’s going to happen as more and more people start to realize exactly what is going on behind the scenes, ironically, largely right under the noses of most Americans. Worse yet, when people start inevitably realizing many of these aforementioned realities, the average person begins to realize there may be even much more to the story than what’s been mentioned thus far and many are going to want to find out.

What’s going to happen, for instance, if more people start catching on to the fact that Romney and Obama really did represent almost the exact same policies and political philosophy and that both campaigns (Obama vs Romney) were largely funded by the same group of global banking cartels? What are people going to think when they realize that Romney was hand-picked by the establishment, as the worst possible candidate to run against Obama, for the purposes of making sure there was no chance Obama would lose the election? Especially now that all the so-called Republican “leaders” have been bashing Romney over the past few days about his “gifts” comments, as if he wasn’t their golden boy to defeat Obama just a few weeks ago. After all, it was Romney’s “Romney-care” team that implemented “Obama-care” for Obama in Washingtonand, even if Romney did somehow happen to win, he would also be very easy to control and would have continued to generally carry out the same, decades-long policies that prevail.

What’s going to happen when people start to realize that, despite the massive outcry against internet takeover bills like SOPA and PIPA, Obama signed a secret Executive Order to enact similar “cyber security” style legislation for the purposes of incrementally making steps toward reining in the free flow of information that has been slowly waking up the masses to these exact situations and circumstances?

What’s going to happen when more and more people start realizing that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and even Iran were all planned prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in lower Manhattan, for the purposes of carrying out a global control operation, called “Project for a New American Century,” run by individuals who have silently taken over control of the United States government and the military-industrial complex for a Zionist, “New World Order” agenda that has largely been in continuation since the same network of global banking and energy families funded and controlled the Hitler regime, partly thanks to the same Wall Street and through “business partnerships,” for the exact same purposes?

What’s going to happen when the population finally figures out that those very same familiesand closely guarded circles are largely behind the adaptation of the the state of Israel andthe United Nations, on the back of the “Holocaust” they helped to create, for eugenics purposes, for also garnering support for Israel and the UN (at the time, the “League of Nations”) and eventually creating a one-world government, even at the expense of US national sovereignty? (Example: The Rockefeller foundation “Developed and funded various German eugenics programs, including the one that (NAZI) Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.”)

What’s going to happen when people begin realizing that the Federal Reserve act of 1913 was implemented by the same general group of global banking cartel buddies, for the purposes of sucking the wealth out of the American population through an unsustainable debt-based monetary system, until they finally crashed the US economy so they could fund their new world order operations and eventually leave America defenseless to resist against its acquiescence into the one-world government that’s being created? It was, in fact, recently admitted on CNBC that the globalist banking cartels are now in control of the American economy and government.

What’s going to happen when everyone begins to catch on to the fact that the “Patriot” act was written during the Clinton Administration and was merely waiting to be carried out once the opportunity presented itself, after the bill’s architects received “the new Pearl Harbor” they were seeking? How about the fact that globalist legislation like NAFTA, GATT, the War on Drugs, TARP and the “bailouts,” the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement and all those same general policies have been in play since, at least, the Nixon administration, have been almost seamlessly handed down, rolled out and carried out from one president to another?

What’s likely to take place when Americans finally catch wind of a United Nations program entitled, “Agenda 21,” established in 1992 under the guise of “sustainability” or “sustainable development” for the purposes of establishing artificial food and water scarcity, the end of national sovereignty, the abolition of private property, the restructuring of the family unitthat also includes the degradation of society through media immorality and destructive sexual behavior, increasing limitations and restrictions on mobility and individual opportunity,gun control, world human depopulation and, among other things, the adaptation of the false global warming prophecy for the purposes of implementing global carbon taxes to continue funding the entire operation for eventual one-world government… All designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of the same, narrow group of Zionist elite families. (also known as the “New World Order.” …the very same New World Order Hitler referred to.)

What’s likely to occur when people start looking up into the sky and realizing that the very same program is admittedly responsible for a related operation, come to be known as “Chemtrails,” or officially, “geo-engineering,” where many of the airplane contrails no longer evaporate into the atmosphere because massive clouds of heavy metals and other toxins are being sprayed into the upper atmosphere with a patented, relatively new material that is being added to commercial jet fuel? What will happen when people realize that, even though the elites are going to try pretending that this program is being done in order to combat the effects of so-called “global warming,” or for weather modification programs, if the information eventually gets to become widespread knowledge, these chem-trail-style programs have been in effect since, at least, the 1950s?

What’s likely to happen is that, even while the bought and paid for establishment media continues to try and pretend as if nothing is happening and the groundswell of people petitioning to secede from the union are simply conspiracy “theorists,” right-wing “nut jobs,” racists, or all the other excuses they are going to attempt fooling the public with, unless Obama’s recent, secret cyber-security executive order and/or future attempts at shutting down the free flow of information on the internet are successful, much like what’s happening to the rest of society, people are going to continue figuring things out and grow more tired and angry at what they find. If there is to be some sort of “civil” war, it’s not going to be between the left and right, the blacks and whites or the South and North, it’s going to eventually be between the people of the United States and those who have infiltrated the US and its government as sovereignty and freedom hating globalists and elite propagandists for a New World Order. Ironically, if you want to get technical, generally the same lineage of “elite” families that caused the first American revolution in the beginning.


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