Al Gore; face the environment for future children, but in the meanwhile pay your carbon taxes

” Pollution, deforestation, global food shortage, drought ‘and the climate crisis: it’ sad that the lives of those who in the future will be affected by these crises are too young to speak for themselves.”

When it comes to climate change (no more global warming) caused by man and save the planet and the children always comes out the puppet clown Al Gore, Nobel Prize for Peace in 2007 (if you push the agenda is easy to just look at Obama , totally full of shit), in a video message broadcast at the World Forum for child Welfare in the course in Naples, stressing that the international exhibition dedicated to children” and ‘important precisely because’ from ‘voice to the children.”
Because you know they care about the children.

” We have to face the reality ‘of the climate crisis that can’ be scary, but it ‘s necessary – he said – Our children will inherit a world completely different from the one in which we grew up.” ” There are many reasons to hope and be sure that we can solve these problems – he said – the only thing that we need and that we are not yet at the time and ‘the will’ policy, but also the will ‘political’ a renewable resource.”

However, he then reassured Gore,” the daunting problems we face in the years and decades ahead, I am optimistic because ‘hope and determination are a renewable resource.”

” Today’s young people have the opportunity ‘to respond to a new global challenge – he concluded – Thanks to the work that you do these children have a chance’ to succeed.”
Bullshit bollocks and more more crap came in the meanwhile has to pay
your fuckin carbon taxes. wake up!

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