Multinationals Walmart, Disney, and Sears Connected to Bangladesh Factory Where Fire Killed 112


BY: Joe Wright

More information is coming to light over the tragic factory fire that killed 112 workers in Bangladesh.

Tony Cartalucci reported yesterday that Walmart has gone on record admitting to its clothing being made there, but supposedly without the retailer’s knowledge.

Now after further investigation two more multinational mega corporations have been linked: Disney and Sears.

As the video report below highlights, the factory had a history of poor safety, specifically including faulty fire extinguishers according to survivors.

Other reports indicate that management told people to continue working even after the fire alarms sounded. Fortunately, three factory officials have been arrested, accused of actually locking the doors to the facility and trapping workers inside. Thousands of protesters have filled the streets demanding answers.

Hopefully this tragedy will highlight the disgrace of purchasing from these companies and supporting the conditions that lead to injuries and deaths that occur in their facilities.

In addition to what is happening overseas, Walmart in particular is directly responsible for contributing to the economic decline in America, and their list of crimes continues to pile up including bribery, exploitation, and discrimination. This has resulted in a backlash by various local communities who have taken action to expose their deceptive and dangerous practices.


It is not enough to expect that reforms are likely to come, however, we must boycott and eventually replace them. As Cartalucci suggests, this can be done through “a concerted local effort to create citizen-networks, clubs, hackerspaces, and makerspaces to pool resources together and begin replacing permanently, large multinationals like Walmart, not through mere protests or policy changes, but through local innovation and entrepreneurship.”



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