Netanyahu; Israel goes ahead with construction“Israel will continue to build in Jerusalem, and in all places of the map of the strategic interests of the state of Israel.” He said the Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in the usual Sunday meeting of the government, according to a report in Ynet.

Netanyahu – according to Ynet – also stressed that “the unilateral move of the Palestinian UN is un’impudente violation of agreements signed. A Palestinian state will not be established without an associated agreement on the security of Israeli citizens and before the ‘authority

The Israeli government has rejected the resolution adopted unanimously by the UN that accredits Palestine as non-member state organization. In an official statement, the government – which is meeting today in Jerusalem – argues that “the Jewish people have a natural, historical and legal rights in respect of his homeland and Jerusalem as its capital. Resolution does not serve as a basis for future negotiations nor does it provide a way for a peaceful solution. “

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