Marijuana and gay marriage legal in Washington

Gay marriage and marijuana possession for personal use is now officially legal in the state of Washington. At midnight came into force the provision that allows anyone has taken 21 years to possess for personal use up to 28 grams of marijuana, as well as yesterday, the Governor of the State bordering California has put his signature under the law allows homosexual couples to marry.

It ‘s the result of the two so that citizens have expressed in two historic referendum last November 6, in conjunction with the Election Day soon as the law on the personal use of marijuana came into force in Seattle is immediately broke the party and hundreds of citizens gathered at the Seattle Center to express their joy by offering joints to the many reporters present. Voters on November 6, voted in favor of a measure called ‘Initiative 502’, a law that eliminates the penalty for those who use the drug, but which still prohibits the sale and consumption in public places.

Anyone who transgresses will be punished by a fine of one hundred dollars just like as happens when you drink alcohol in public places. But the victory in one state does not mean a victory at the federal level. Whether it’s for private or public use, federal law classifies marijuana as illegal and the attorney general of the state of Washington, Jenny Durkan, said that the cultivation, sale or possession of any amount of marijuana is still illegal Federal regardless of the laws in an individual state. The other state that shortly follow in the footsteps of Washington will be the Colorado, from next January 5 depenalizzerà possession of marijuana for personal use. In force in the State of Washington also the law on gay marriage. All couples will begin to require marriage license and the first marriage may be celebrated as early as next Sunday. Even for marriages between persons of the same sex is for the moment half a victory. For now I’m only nine, in addition to the District of Columbia where you find her capital Washington Federal, States consider legalizing gay marriage. In the rest of the country are still banned.


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