Nurse in Kate Middleton hoax hanged herself, says report

By Tony Hicks

The Sun reported that 46-year-old Jacintha Saldanha is believed to have hung herself, but a source told the newspaper the results of a post mortem may not be published until Thursday.

It was also disclosed that Saldanha’s family was not even aware of the hoax call until after her death, as they had not watched the news. The family is supposedly putting pressure on the hospital officials to tell them “everything” they knew about her death, reports said. Saldanha left behind husband Ben Barboza, 49, and their two children Junal, 17 and Lisha, 14.

Jacintha, 46, was found unconscious in a nurses’ accommodation block near the King Edward VII Hospital on Friday and was later declared dead at the scene. Earlier last week, she transferred a phone call from two Australian morning show hosts, one of whom was posing as Queen Elizabeth, to Kate Middleton’s room, where another nurse gave them details of Middleton’s condition. Middleton was undergoing treatment for severe morning sickness.



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