U.S. Goes crazy with guns, lobby insist: ‘Weapons in Schools’

Shooting in Pennsilvanya: as reported by the local press, the shots would have four victims, including the gunman, and injured three police officers. The shooting occurred at Frankstown Township, Pennsylvania, reports the local newspaper Altoona Mirror quoted the district attorney of the county of Blair, Richard Council. the victims are the killer, two men and a woman. The officers were wounded during a firefight with suspected killer.

LOBBY INSIST ‘WEAPONS IN SCHOOL’ – “Shocked by what had happened, like the rest of America.” This was stated by Wayne Lapierre, Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the American gun lobby, during a press conference on the massacre at the school in Newtown, which took place exactly one week ago. E ‘need to “face reality”, the call to arms in schools makes students vulnerable, said the number one Nra Wayne Lapierre, adding that the association has so far avoided any comment on the massacre at the school in Connecticut “respect” of the victims. Movies and video games portray violence as entertainment: there is a video game that is called ‘kindergarten killer’, killer asylum. This was stated by the vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the American gun lobby, Wayne Lapierre, noting that the “media demonize people with weapons” and “fill the country with ideas dishonest.” Congress acts to impose weapons in schools.

This was stated by Wayne Lapierre, Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the American gun lobby. The presence of armed guards could have prevented the tragedy of Newtown. The police should be in all schools because there ‘s “obligation to protect our children.” “Deans left alone and unarmed” they had to give their lives to try to stop the massacre of Newtown, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good person with a gun,” said Lapierre asking national plans for the protection of schools, which include the presence of armed guards.

OBAMA, FARO ‘ALL WEAPONS AGAINST ASSAULT – With a video on the website of the White House, President Barack Obama now responds to over 400 000 people after the massacre at the school in Newtown have signed a petition asking to “meet immediately issue of arms control by presenting a bill in Congress.

” “I will do everything in my power as President” to advance a proposal to Congress that among other things provides for a ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines for firearms, said the president. In the video, which lasts two minutes and 40 seconds, Obama also reaffirms to believe “as the majority of Americans that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms” and that the vast majority of gun owners “are responsible for the use and in safety.

” At the same time, however, is necessary “to meet all ‘epidemic of gun violence in the country” and for this, he said, “I need your help” with “the support of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, the security forces, and responsible gun owners, who are organizing, speaking, members of Congress who say ‘now we’ve had enough’, on behalf of our children. ” The petition was placed on site ‘We The People’ of the White House, dedicated to popular initiatives. To obtain an action or response you need to collect 25,000 signatures

THE 52% OF AMERICANS IN FAVOUR TO RESTRICTIONS WEAPONS – Americans react to the massacre of Newtown, Connecticut, and a growing number of people asking for action of the government and society to ensure that in future we can repeat similar events.

A poll by CNN and Orc International reveals that although a slim majority, 52%, of U.S. citizens is now in favor of restrictions or even ban on possessing weapons. To want measures against guns and rifles are 52% of respondents, while in previous years the same survey had never recorded a percentage higher than 50%. And six out of ten Americans are in favor of the ban on owning assault rifles. 46% instead believes that society and government should do something to prevent massacres such as that which took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 13 points higher than the percentage recorded in January 2011 after the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, where six people were killed and 12 were seriously injured, including former Democrat Gabrielle Giffords

16 year old planned ATTACK IN HIGH SCHOOL, STOPPED – The police yesterday arrested a sixteen year old who planned to carry out a murderous attack in his high school in Arizona, and then kill himself. This was announced by the local authorities, about a week after the shooting at the school in Sandy Hook. The girl was interviewed at his home in Mesa, a suburb of the capital Phoenix was planning an attack on the whole of the Red Mountain, according to a press release from the Maricopa County. The police intervened after discovering a message written by the adolescent on the YouTube channel of a community transex Canadian city of Toronto, in which the young man said: “I’m going to do a lot of harm … to kill … to kill the people in my college. been working as assistant professor, then no one will find out that I’m planning to blow up the school. ” It ‘was the owner of the web channel to contact Canadian police in Toronto, which in turn informed the authorities of Maricopa.

Three hours after the alert, the police identified the girl, who has confessed during interrogation to his house that he had actually written her that message. In his statement, the teenager has stated that it planned to attack before the massacre of Connecticut last Friday in which 26 people were killed, including 20 children. The high school student told investigators that he wanted to “cut the cables of the cars safety” – small electric vehicles on campus – to gain time after the explosion he had in mind to cause, then shoot his victims from the other side of the gate of the school. The police found three firearms in the house of the parents of the girl, who explained how the young man had had previous psychiatric and had recently asked the whereabouts of the guns.

TEEN FLORIDA THREAT ON FACEBOOK MASSACRE, ARRESTED – Police have arrested a teenager in Florida on charges of threatening a massacre via Facebook. The teenager allegedly sent a threatening message on the social network that would bring a gun to school and shot everyone. The sheriff’s office in the county St.Lucie confirmed to U.S. media that he had received the information about the message from the parent of a boy of 13 years, and that the alleged author of the threat – currently incarcerated at the juvenile detention center for Fort Piece – did not have access to any weapon

BOY IS AT THE CINEMA GUN CHARGE – At the movies with their class to see the movie ‘The Hobbit’, two boys of 12 years found a chair under a real gun, loaded with the chamber. But they reacted in the best way: have not touched and they immediately informed the teacher. It ‘happened yesterday in Tillamook, a town of 5,000 inhabitants in Oregon, five days after the massacre at the school in Connecticut.

“When Kolton McKinney sat in the cinema, he heard a ‘clunk’, looked under the seat and there it was,” said his companion, Levi Crabtree, quoted by CNN. It was a small-caliber semi-automatic pistol, the magazine was full and had also the chamber, said the local police chief, Terry Wright. The owner of the weapon has not yet been identified, writes CNN online, but the case is now on the table sheriff may report it to the district attorney to initiate legal proceedings.

To the movies last night reported that a man presented himself at the checkout wondering if it had not been found a gun he thought he had lost the night before in that room. For its part, the little Levi to the question why he and his partner have not even touched the weapon he replied: “I am a boy scout. Kolton With attended a lecture on safety for hunters. One of the first rules is always consider any weapon as if it were loaded. ” And the gun in the movie was for real.


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