Deal Done!! Agreement on the EU budget Van Rompuy on twitter

“I can not imagine that the European Parliament will approve a budget that creates deficits, that is because it is illegal.” ANSA said the President, Martin Schulz, in Milan today for a series of meetings, with reference to the difference of 51.6 billion euro specified in the draft Vanm Rompuy between appropriations and actual cash.

“With these figures and if there are no changes, the EPP says ‘no’.” So Joseph Daul, leader of the ‘popular’ in the European Parliament with ANSA said the draft on the table 27. There are ongoing consultations between representatives of the parliamentary groups.
Sources of the group explained that the proposal is “unacceptable” because it “lacks all that is required by Parliament.” Four key points: there is no real flexibility in the proposal or between expenditure headings or between financial years, there is no clause in the mid-term, it does not develop the system of own resources and the sources define “a catastrophe “expect a deficit of over 50 billion between” payments and commitments “when already in 2013 will end with a ‘hole’ by 13 billion.


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