The Mysterious Adam Lanza


Reportedly from the June 16, 1992, Exeter News-Letter. Adam Lanza or Omar bin Laden.


“Barbara Rimkunas, the curator at the Exeter Historical Society, found the birth announcement…

“Rimkunas, who worked at Exeter Hospital at the time Lanza was born, said she may even have checked his parents in, although she has no way of knowing for sure.”

Seacoast historian: Connecticut shooter born in Exeter …

Adam Ryan Lanza aged 8, 1999-2000

According to a newspaper article, which has vanished, Adam did attend the Sandy Hook school – but only in 2002

According to “relatives” he NEVER attended Sandy Hook school

53 – SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012 …

Adam Lanza was born in Kingston, New Hamphire on May 26 1992.
Adam Lanza was born on April 22, 1992, in Exeter, New Hampshire.[91]

Ryan lanza, also known as Adam Lanza?There has been a suggestion that Adam Lanza changed his name to Ryan Lanza.

Apparently there is no record of an Adam Lanza existing during the last few years.

“The purported picture of the shooter Adam Lanza that appeared online and in the newspaper was in fact a picture of a younger Ryan.”

Ryan Lanza, said through a spokesman that he never conducted a Facebook interview with the New York Post and that any statements or postings attributed to him were fabricated.

“This is a complete hoax,” said the Lanza family in a statement issued through the spokesman, Errol Cockfield of the public relations firm Edelman.

Lanza’s brother denies giving Facebook interview to New York Post 

“They seemed very normal. I knew the mom; she was a nice person,” said a Yogalanda Street neighbor who did not want her name published. “I don’t know for sure if the sons lived there.

Read more:Adam Lanza’s family seemed like normal family, neighbors say – The Denver Post

The couple had married in Kingston, N.H., in 1981, and first their son Ryan was born in 1988, followed by Adam in 1992.

Read more:Nancy Lanza, Newtown killer’s mom, got more than $250,000 alimony a year – The Denver Post

The girl with the very LONG arm.

Adam/RyanSandy Hook Truth tells us about the Interesting Property Records for 36 Yogananda Street where Nancy Lanza lived.

Peter Lanza owned two properties on Yogananda Street, apparently.

On the above document, Adam Lanza is not listed as a family member.

link to

“The images appear to be of the same person (see the small rectangular mole on the right cheek just in front of the ear, which is evident in both pictures (for a larger image follow the link above). But then the pictures could be of the same person taken taken several years apart.

“But if this story is a hoax, what is the reason for it? To incite those pursuing the truth to propagate theories that will in due course be debunked? That would make sense. After 9/11, the perpetrators of any psyop would know that the evidence concerning the event will receive close critical scrutiny. Almost certainly, therefore, one objective of the operation would be to confuse, mislead and ultimately discredit skeptics.”

Continued here: Adam Lanza, Ryan Lanza? Curious Image….

If Adam Lanza had Ryan Lanza’s ID on him…

“A number of media outlets wrongly identified Ryan Lanza as ‘the shooter’ because Adam had been carrying his identification during his killing spree.”


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